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Daily dynamics of the number and activity of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in fallow and intensely cultivated soils
The daily dynamics (during 33 days) of the number (colony-forming units (CFU)) of nitrogen-fixing bacteria and of the nitrogen-fixing activity (the acetylene method) were determined in a gray forestExpand
Microbiological activity of soils populated by Lasius niger ants
Regularities of the biological activity in the anthill are related to the ecology of the ants and the changes in their food preferences during the growing season. Expand
Comparative study of actinomycete communities associated with Lasius niger and Formica cunicularia ants and their nests
A comparative analysis of the abundance and biodiversity of actinomycete communities isolated from living ants Lasius niger and Formica cunicularia, as well as their anthills, has been carried outExpand
Functional biodiversity of soil microbe colonies affected by organic substrates of different kinds
The influence of different organic substrates (litter manure, diesel fuel, and glyphosate) on characteristics of functional diversity assessed with the help of multisubstrate testing and biologicalExpand
Specific Features of Nitrogen Fixation and Denitrification in Termites Neotermes castaneus, Zootermopsis angusticollis, and Reticulitermes lucifugus
We studied specific features of microbial nitrogen fixation and denitrification in laboratory cultures of the termites Neotermes castaneus, Zootermopsis angusticollis, and Reticulitermes lucifugus,Expand
Role of microbiocenosis of the gastrointestinal tract in the nutrition of grouse
In both species of birds, nitrogenase and cellobiohydrolase activities were discovered in the digestive tract, with the maximum observed in the cecum. Expand
Phenotypic and phylogenetic characterization of actinomycetes isolated from Lasius niger and Formica cunicularia ants
The abundance and biodiversity of actinomycete communities isolated from L. niger ants greatly exceeded those found for F. cunicularia, and only one had such ability among the strains associated with black ants. Expand
Microbiological characteristic of anthills of Lasius niger
The characteristics of microbial communities of the anthills of Lasius niger compared to the soil beyond the area of the strong effect of ants is given.
Microbiological activity in the anthills of fallow lands (Ryazan Region)
A bacterial complex associated with several species of ants, the inhabiting soil, and their anthills was studied. The biodiversity of bacteria in ants was higher than that in the anthills and controlExpand
Nitrogen-fixing microorganisms in the hare gastrointestinal tract
The activity of nitrogen fixation in the gastrointestinal tract of hares (Lepus europaeus) in different periods of their feeding activity is demonstrated and the functional imporr tance of the microorganisms found has not been clarr ified. Expand