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Characterization of changes in volume, osmolarity and electrolyte composition of porcine fetal fluids during gestation.
Allantoic fluid volume of the porcine conceptus undergoes dynamic changes throughout gestation. Volume (@ ±SEM) increases from Day 20 (3.7 ±0.3 ml) to an initial peak at Day 30 (189.0 ±5.6 ml) andExpand
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Effect of urine flow rate on urea reabsorption in man: urea as a "tubular marker".
GOLDSTEIN, MARVIN H., PAUL K. LENZ, AND MARVIN F. LEVITT. Efect of urine jaw rate on urea reabsorption in man: urea as a “tubular marker. ” J. Appl. Physiol. 26(5): 594-599. 1969.Studies wereExpand
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The effects of salt restriction on the renal concentrating operation in normal, hydropenic man.
diuresis was established with a hypertonic mannitol infusion in subjects maintained on both high and low salt diets. In those of Group II, subjects prepared as in Group I received intravenousExpand
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Effect of organomercurials on the renal concentrating operation in hydropenic man: comments on site of action.
The renal site of action of organomercurials has variously been placed within the proximal or distal tubule on the basis of numerous observations in dog and man (1-9). Experiments in maximallyExpand
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Effect of meralluride on solute and water excretion in hydrated man: comments on site of action.
The renal tubular site at which organomercurials exert their primary effect on salt absorption has been the subject of considerable dispute for many years. The fact that these drugs produced aExpand
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Effect of chronic furosemide administration on hydrogen and sodium excretion in the dog.
Studies were performed to evaluate the effects of the chronic administration of furosemide on hydrogen and electrolyte excretion in dogs on a normal electrolyte diet and in the absence of electrolyteExpand
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Effect of anions on renal sodium and chloride transport in the dog.
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THOUGH ACUTE hyperparathyroidism intoxication is an infrequent complication of hyperparathyroidism, its presence in the face of acute pancreatitis is exceedingly rare. In 1961, Fink and Finfrock 1Expand
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