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The use of a task-based exposure assessment model (T-BEAM) for assessment of metal fume exposures during welding and thermal cutting.
Elevated disease rates have been documented among construction workers for cancer, pneumonoconiosis, asbestosis, and silicosis. However, methodologies for exposure assessment in construction are notExpand
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Job and Economic Development Impact (JEDI) Model: A User-Friendly Tool to Calculate Economic Impacts from Wind Projects; Preprint
The U.S. Department of Energy/National Renewable Energy Laboratory (DOE/NREL) has developed a spreadsheet-based wind model (Jobs and Economic Development Impact (JEDI)) that incorporates economicExpand
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G-Protein βγ Subunit Dimers Modulate Kidney Repair after Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Rats
Heterotrimeric G-proteins play a crucial role in the control of renal epithelial cell function during homeostasis and in response to injury. In this report, G-protein βγ subunit (Gβγ) dimer activityExpand
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Implicit Cue-Taking in Elections
Can implicit racial cues change voters’ perceptions about a candidate’s race, and even change their support for a candidate? The results from a recent local election, in which a white conservativeExpand
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Evaluation of environmental and socioeconomic impacts associated with powerplant conversion under the Fuel Use Act. Final report
Environmental and economic results from the conversion and reconversion to coal of oil-fired boilers by electric utilities are studied. The results were based on data collected from 19 stationsExpand
Scotland: The Roman Presence
The Roman panel report critically reviews the current state of knowledge, and considers promising areas of future research into the Roman presence in Scotland. This is intended to help with theExpand
The Effect of Associative Racial Cues in Elections
ABSTRACT How do racial signals associating a candidate with minority supporters change voters’ perceptions about a candidate and their support for a candidate? Given the presence of competingExpand
Economic Development Impacts from Wind Power in the Western Governors' Association States (Poster)
The Western Governors' Association created the Clean and Diversified Energy Advisory Committee (CDEAC) "to utilize the region's diverse resources to produce affordable, sustainable, andExpand