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Problematic internet use: Proposed classification and diagnostic criteria
It is imperative that problematic internet use be appropriately identified among symptomatic individuals and specific diagnostic criteria are proposed that will allow for consistent identification and assist in further study of this behavior. Expand
Methamphetamine Causes Microglial Activation in the Brains of Human Abusers
It is suggested that chronic self-administration of methamphetamine can cause reactive microgliosis in the brains of human methamphetamine abusers, a level of activation that appears to subside over longer periods of abstinence. Expand
Dysfunctional connectivity patterns in chronic heroin users: An fMRI study
The results suggest that GTA is a useful tool in defining dysregulated neural networks even during rest, and may contribute to decrease self-control, impaired inhibitory function as well deficits in stress regulation in chronic heroin users. Expand
Body Mass Index and Alcohol Use
The results confirmed surgeons' perception that it is rare to find a morbidly obese patient excluded for bariatric surgery because of excessive alcohol consumption, and found a significant inverse relationship between BMI and alcohol consumption. Expand
Gray matter deficits and resting-state abnormalities in abstinent heroin-dependent individuals
It is demonstrated that long heroin dependence impairs the right DLPFC in heroin-dependent individuals, including structural deficits and resting-state functional impairments. Expand
Hormonal and neural mechanisms of food reward, eating behaviour and obesity
This Review synthesized the existing information on select biological mechanisms associated with reward-related food intake, dealing primarily with consumption of highly palatable foods, to explain aberrant eating patterns, and provide insight into the current rates of overweight and obesity. Expand
Comorbid cigarette and alcohol addiction: epidemiology and treatment.
The importance of treating nicotine addiction, however, is clear to reduce the high mortality rates from tobacco smoking in active or abstinent alcoholics. Expand
Setting the standard for recovery: Physicians' Health Programs.
A sample of 904 physicians consecutively admitted to 16 state Physicians' Health Programs (PHPs) was studied for 5 years or longer to characterize the outcomes of this episode of care and to exploreExpand
Neurobiology of tobacco smoking and other addictive disorders.
A review of the neurobiology of tobacco smoking provides further examples of the mechanisms for reinforcing tobacco use, including the enhancement of memory and treatment of depression with nicotine and MAO-inhibiting chemicals in tobacco smoke respectively. Expand