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Unified Modeling Language
  • M. Gogolla
  • Computer Science
  • Encyclopedia of Database Systems
  • 2009
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USE: A UML-based specification environment for validating UML and OCL
The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is accepted today as an important standard for developing software. UML tools however provide little support for validating and checking models in earlyExpand
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Object Constraint Language (OCL): A Definitive Guide
The Object Constraint Language (OCL) started as a complement of the UML notation with the goal to overcome the limitations of UML (and in general, any graphical notation) in terms of preciselyExpand
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Object Constraint Language
  • M. Gogolla
  • Computer Science
  • Encyclopedia of Database Systems
  • 2009
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On Formalizing the UML Object Constraint Language OCL
We present a formal semantics for the Object Constraint Language (OCL) which is part of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) – an emerging standard language and notation for object-oriented analysisExpand
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Extensive Validation of OCL Models by Integrating SAT Solving into USE
The Object Constraint Language (OCL) substantially enriches modeling languages like UML, MOF or EMF with respect to formulating meaningful model properties. In model-centric approaches, an accuratelyExpand
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Validating UML and OCL models in USE by automatic snapshot generation
We study the testing and certification of UML and OCL models as supported by the validation tool USE. We extend the available USE features by introducing a language for defining properties of desiredExpand
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Validating UML Models and OCL Constraints
The UML has been widely accepted as a standard for modeling software systems and is supported by a great number of CASE tools. However, UML tools often provide only little support for validatingExpand
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Verifying UML/OCL models using Boolean satisfiability
Nowadays, modeling languages like UML are essential in the design of complex software systems and also start to enter the domain of hardware and hardware/software codesign. Due to shorteningExpand
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From UML and OCL to relational logic and back
Languages like UML and OCL are used to precisely model systems. Complex UML and OCL models therefore represent a crucial part of model-driven development, as they formally specify the main systemExpand
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