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Executive Functioning in Preschool Children: Performance on A-Not-B and Other Delayed Response Format Tasks
The A-not-B (AB) task has been hypothesized to measure executive/frontal lobe function; however, the developmental and measurement characteristics of this task have not been investigated.Expand
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Absorption, openness to experience, and hypnotizability.
Absorption, a correlate of hypnotizability, is conceptually related to openness to experience. Study 1 found no evidence that gender moderated the correlation between absorption and hypnotizability,Expand
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Dissociative tendencies and dissociative disorders.
Although dissociative disorders are relatively rare, dissociative experiences are rather common in everyday life. Dissociative tendencies appear to be modestly related to other dimensions ofExpand
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New Procedures to Assess Executive Functions in Preschool Children*
Executive functions are difficult to assess in preschool children, yet the preschool period is particularly important, both in the development of behavioral control and of the brain, particularly theExpand
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Mental images can be ambiguous: Reconstruals and reference-frame reversals
Philosophers and psychologists have debated whether or not mental images of ambiguous-figures are reversible as pictures of such figures are. Previously, empirical evidence both pro (Finke, Pinker, &Expand
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Neuropsychologic function in toddlers exposed to cocaine in utero: A preliminary study
Patterns of neuropsychological performance on A‐not‐B, inhibition, motor, cognitive, language, and behavior tasks were examined in 34 toddlers—17 cocaine‐exposed (CE) and 17 nonexposed (NE) controls.Expand
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Dissociation between verbal and autonomic measures of memory following frontal lobe damage
Objective: The objective of this study was to contrast overt verbal versus covert autonomic responses to facial stimuli in a patient with false recognition following frontal lobe damage. Background:Expand
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Hypnotizability and facets of openness.
Absorption, a correlate of hypnotizability, is related to a broader dimension of openness to experience, one construal of the "Big Five" structure of personality. But openness itself is veryExpand
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Hypnotizability and mental imagery.
Two studies investigated the relationship between mental imagery and hypnotizability, with the imagery measures administered in a hypnotic context. The correlation of hypnotizability with vividnessExpand
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