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Disciplining the Student Body: Schooling and the Construction of Canadian Children's Bodies, 1930–1960
  • M. Gleason
  • History
  • History of Education Quarterly
  • 1 June 2001
In the spring of 1957, journalist Sidney Katz wrote a story for Maclean's Magazine entitled “The Lost Children of British Columbia” which detailed the disturbing events leading up to the forcibleExpand
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Normalizing the Ideal: Psychology, Schooling, and the Family in Postwar Canada
Homemaker mom, breadwinning dad who played hockey with his son on the weekends, one brother or sister, this was normal Canadian life in the fifties, right? Well, not quite, but author Mona GleasonExpand
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Small Matters: Canadian Children in Sickness and Health, 1900-1940
What was it like to be young and sick in the past? Who taught children how to be healthy and what were they expected to learn? In Small Matters, Mona Gleason explores how medical professionals, layExpand
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Children Teachers And Schools: In the History of British Columbia
mention of the BC Treaty Process, and the Supreme Court decision in the Gladstone case affirming the rights of the Heiltsuks to sell herring roe is mentioned only in a note. While the chapter on theExpand
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Race, class, and health: school medical inspection and "healthy" children in British Columbia, 1890-1930.
  • M. Gleason
  • Medicine
  • Canadian bulletin of medical history = Bulletin…
  • 2002
School medical inspection provides a window on the construction of "healthy" children in British Columbia over the turn of the 20th century. Public health reformers, doctors, teachers, and schoolExpand
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Disciplining Children, Disciplining Parents: The Nature and Meaning of Advice to Canadian Parents, 1945-1955
Advice to parents of school-age children and adolescents in Canada in the postwar period was shaped in many ways by the discipline of psychology, and more specifically child psychology. TheExpand
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Avoiding the agency trap: caveats for historians of children, youth, and education
Abstract Using examples from family letters sent to the Department of Education’s Elementary Correspondence School (ECS) in the western Canadian province of British Columbia in the early twentiethExpand
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Embodied Negotiations: Children’s Bodies and Historical Change in Canada, 1930 to 1960
Abstract:Using adult memories of growing up in Canada, this study explores the role children’s bodies and embodiment played in shaping private experience and historical change between 1930 and 1960.Expand
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Psychology and the Construction of the ‘Normal’ Family in Postwar Canada, 1945–60
Psychology and the Construction of the ‘Normal Family’ in Postwar Canada, 1945–60, investigates the manner in which psychological discourse constructed notions of the normal postwar family in Canada.Expand
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