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The language of the goddess
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The "Kurgan Culture," Indo-European Origins, and the Domestication of the Horse: A Reconsideration [and Comments and Replies]
The "Kurgan culture" concept has for two decades been the central element in attempts to explain the cultural shifts that occurred during the Late Copper Age/Early Broze Age transition in EasternExpand
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The Living Goddesses
The Living Goddesses crowns a lifetime of innovative, influential work by one of the twentieth-century's most remarkable scholars. Marija Gimbutas wrote and taught with rare clarity in herExpand
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The Bronze Age Cultures in Central and Eastern Europe
In case you are trying to understand how to get Bronze Age cultures in Central and Eastern Europe eBooks, you need to go thorough investigation on well-known search engines together with the searchExpand
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Excavations at Sitagroi, A Prehistoric Village in Northeast Greece, Volume 1
The first of 2 volumes reporting on excavations at a middle neolithic to early bronze age site in northeast Greece. Vol. 1 presents the full sequence of culture exposed by excavation of thisExpand
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Primary and Secondary Homeland of the Indo-Europeans. Comments on Gamkrelidze-Ivanov Articles in Recent Russian Papers on the Indo-European Problem and on the Ethnogenesis and Original Homeland of
L'apport des temoins archeologiques au probleme du territoire d'origine des indo-europeens. Les cultures neolithiques anatoliennes et europeennes ne sont pas proto-indo-europeennes. Les donneesExpand
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Anza, ca. 6500–5000 B.C.: A Cultural Yardstick for the Study of Neolithic Southeast Europe
AbstractThe site of Anza is of major importance by virtue of its geographical position in the central Balkans (FIG. 1) and its unique stratigraphy. The excavations at Anza have yielded a variety ofExpand
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The Three Waves of the Kurgan People into Old Europe, 4500-2500 B.C. in Anthropologie et Archéologie: le cas des premiers âges des Métaux. Actes du Symposium de Sils-Maria, 25-30 septembre 1978.
Extr. de res. d'A. Dans cet article, l'auteur discute le processus de "kourganisation" de l'Europe. Ce processus, d'une extraordinaire complexite, se serait deroule en trois vagues successives. Il aExpand
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