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Crime Victims: Needs, Services, and the Voluntary Sector
What does crime do to its victims? Does the state do enough to help them? How much can the voluntary organizations do? "Crime Victims" provides the first comprehensive review of victimization and theExpand
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Volunteers in the Criminal Justice System: A Comparative Study of Probation, Police and Victim Support
Community involvement in the criminal justice system the role of the voluntary sector in contemporary Britain volunteers in probation the special constabulary victim support towards an idelogy ofExpand
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Aristotle's Theory of Causal Action in Physics III 31
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Substance and Essence in Aristotle: An Interpretation of Metaphysics VII-IX
Substance and Essence in Aristotle is a close study of Aristotle's most profound-and perplexing-treatise: Books VII-IX of the Metaphysics. These central books, which focus on the nature of substance,Expand
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Aristotle's Metaphysics Reconsidered
Aristotle's metaphysics has stimulated intense renewed debate in the past twenty years. Much of the discussion has focused on Metaphysics Z, Aristotle's fascinating and difficult investigation ofExpand
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Matter and Flux in Plato's Timaeus
In a well-known passage in the Theaetetus (182c1-183b5), Plato describes a radical Heraclitean position according to which all things change both in place and in character. Although the theoryExpand
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Plato’s Phaedrus and the Method of Hippocrates
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