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Unravelling migrations in the steppe: mitochondrial DNA sequences from ancient Central Asians
This study helps to clarify the debate on the Western and Eastern genetic influences in Central Asia. Thirty–six skeletal remains from Kazakhstan (Central Asia), excavated from different sites datingExpand
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Homologous Streptomycin Resistance Gene Present among Diverse Gram-Negative Bacteria in New York State Apple Orchards.
The streptomycin resistance gene of Pseudomonas syringae pv. papulans Psp36 was cloned into Escherichia coli and used to develop a 500-bp DNA probe that is specific for streptomycin resistance in P.Expand
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Mitochondrial DNA from pre-Columbian Ciboneys from Cuba and the prehistoric colonization of the Caribbean.
To assess the genetic affinities of extinct Ciboneys (also called Guanajuatabeys) from Cuba, 47 pre-Columbian skeletal samples belonging to this group were analyzed using ancient DNA techniques. AtExpand
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Post-storm surveys reveal large-scale spatial patterns and influences of site factors, forest structure and diversity in endemic bark-beetle populations
The storm that struck France on december 26th and 28th 1999 felled 140 million m3 of timber and had a high economic, social and landscape impact. This event offered the opportunity to studyExpand
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Social parasitism in ants: effects of the inquiline parasite Plagiolepis xene St. on queen distribution and worker production of its host Plagiolepis pygmaea Latr.
Summary: The ant Plagiolepis pygmaea forms polygynous (several mated queens per colony) and polydomous (multiple nests per colony) colonies that may be parasitized by the workerless social parasiteExpand
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Tracing the phylogeography of human populations in Britain based on 4th-11th century mtDNA genotypes.
Some of the transitional periods of Britain during the first millennium A.D. are traditionally associated with the movement of people from continental Europe, composed largely of invading armiesExpand
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Reproduction of the Northern Leopard Frog (Rana pipiens) in Floodplain Habitat in the Richelieu River, P. Quebec, Canada
We studied the reproductive ecology and characterized the spawning habitat of northern leopard frogs (Rana pipiens) during the spring of 1986 on a floodplain of the Richelieu River, Quebec, Canada.Expand
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Fluorescence in situ hybridization: a new method for determining primary sex ratio in ants
The haplodiploid sex determining system in Hymenoptera, whereby males develop from haploid eggs and females from diploid eggs, allows females to control the primary sex ratio (the proportion of eachExpand
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Ancient human mtDNA genotypes from England reveal lost variation over the last millennium
We analysed the historical genetic diversity of human populations in Europe at the mtDNA control region for 48 ancient Britons who lived between ca AD 300 and 1000, and compared these with 6320Expand
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