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PD-L1 and PD-L2 differ in their molecular mechanisms of interaction with PD-1.
The programmed death-1 (PD-1) molecule is involved in peripheral tolerance and in the immune escape mechanisms during chronic viral infections and cancer. PD-1 interacts with two ligands, PD-L1 andExpand
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The Role of Tec Protein-tyrosine Kinase in T Cell Signaling*
The Tec protein-tyrosine kinase family includes Btk, Itk/Tsk/Emt, Tec, Rlk/Txk, and Bmx which are involved in signals mediated by various cytokines or antigen receptors. Itk is expressed primarily inExpand
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ICOS Ligation Recruits the p50α PI3K Regulatory Subunit to the Immunological Synapse1
ICOS ligation in concert with TCR stimulation results in strong PI3K activation in T lymphocytes. The ICOS cytoplasmic tail contains an YMFM motif that binds the p85α subunit of class IA PI3K,Expand
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CD28 can promote T cell survival through a phosphatidylinositol 3‐kinase‐independent mechanism
Phosphatidylinositol 3(Pl3)‐kinase is implicated in various biological responses, including protection from apoptosis, although its role in antigen‐induced T cell death and the molecular effectors itExpand
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Age-relation, reliability and grammatical validity of measures of utterance length.
This study evaluated the age-relationship, intra-sample reliability and grammatical validity of MLU-like measures of utterance length in the free speech of 21 normally developing children aged 1;8 toExpand
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Role of Tec kinase in nuclear factor of activated T cells signaling.
The Tec protein kinase family includes Btk, Itk, Tec, Rlk and Bmx, which are critically involved in signals mediated by various cytokines and antigen receptors. Btk mutations cause severeExpand
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Expansion of human lymphocyte populations expressing specific immune reactivities. II. A comparison of immune reactivities in human T lymphocyte lines derived from allogeneically primed cultures and
In a previous paper, lectins were shown to allow a strong expansion of in vitro primed cells; among the lectins tested, PKW but not PHA (nor Con A) was found to reactivate CTLs. We then asked twoExpand
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The SH3 domain of Tec kinase is essential for its targeting to activated CD28 costimulatory molecule
The Tec family of protein tyrosine kinases plays an important role in T cell signaling. Tec, the prototypical member of this kinase family, can interact with CD28, which is a costimulatory molecule.Expand
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Dok-4 Is a Novel Negative Regulator of T Cell Activation1
Dok-4 (downstream of tyrosine kinase-4) is a recently identified member of the Dok family of adaptor proteins, which are characterized by an amino-terminal pleckstrin homology domain, aExpand
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Mean length of utterance of children with Down syndrome.
Mean length of utterance (MLU) of children with Down syndrome was examined and found to correlate highly with chronological age, r = .87, p less than .001, despite the children's language delays. TheExpand
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