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Advanced spectral methods for climatic time series
The connections between time series analysis and nonlinear dynamics, discuss signal-to-noise enhancement, and present some of the novel methods for spectral analysis are described. Expand
Singular-spectrum analysis: a toolkit for short, noisy chaotic signals
Abstract Singular-spectrum analysis (SSA) is developed further, based on experience with applications to geophysical time series. It is shown that SSA provides a crude but robust approximation ofExpand
Singular spectrum analysis in nonlinear dynamics, with applications to paleoclimatic time series
We distinguish between two dimensions of a dynamical system given by experimental time series. Statistical dimension gives a theoretical upper bound for the minimal number of degrees of freedomExpand
Unified Notation for Data Assimilation : Operational, Sequential and Variational
Self-consistent notation is proposed that bridges sequential and variational methods, on the one hand, and operational usage, in atmospheric and oceanic data assimilation. Expand
Data assimilation in meteorology and oceanography
Publisher Summary This chapter provides a review of current operational practice and of advanced data assimilation techniques in meteorology. Numerical models can be used to assimilate meteorologicalExpand
Advanced data assimilation in strongly nonlinear dynamical systems
The ability of the extended Kalman filter to track transitions of the double-well system from one stable critical point to the other depends on the frequency and accuracy of the observations relative to the mean-square amplitude of the stochastic forcing. Expand
Multiple Equilibria, Periodic, and Aperiodic Solutions in a Wind-Driven, Double-Gyre, Shallow-Water Model
Abstract A reduced-gravity shallow-water (SW) model is used to study the nonlinear behavior of western boundary currents (WBCs), with particular emphasis on multiple equilibria and low-frequencyExpand
Interdecadal oscillations and the warming trend in global temperature time series
THE ability to distinguish a warming trend from natural variability is critical for an understanding of the climatic response to increasing greenhouse-gas concentrations. Here we use singularExpand
Software expedites singular‐spectrum analysis of noisy time series
A Singular-Spectrum Analysis (SSA) Toolkit is now available for use on computers with X-windows capabilities. The Toolkit provides free, compact, and easy access to SSA and several powerful spectralExpand