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Parmotrema hydrium, a new species of Parmeliaceae in southeastern Brazil
Parmotrema hydrium is a new lichen species discovered during a survey of Parmeliaceae in the Cantareira mountain range of southeastern Brazil. In its medullary chemistry, the species contains severalExpand
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Grassroots Initiatives as Sustainability Transition Pioneers: Implications and Lessons for Urban Food Systems
This review explores the current evidence on the role and success factors of grassroots initiatives in sustainability transitions, with special attention given to social innovations and theExpand
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Kindling causes persistent in vivo changes in firing rates and glutamate sensitivity of central piriform cortex neurons in rats
The present experiments were undertaken to study whether amygdala kindling induces persistent alterations in the functional status of neurons of the central piriform cortex, a subregion of theExpand
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Photolabile and thermally labile polymers as templates and for surface patterning
The successful selective metal deposition using a photolabile polymer consisting of a diazosulfonate side chain group has been reported. In addition to 20 mol% diazosulfonate monomer the terpolymerExpand
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