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A group mobility model for ad hoc wireless networks
In this paper, we present a survey of various mobility models in both cellular networks and multi-hop networks. We show that group motion occurs frequently in ad hoc networks, and introduce a novelExpand
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Split multipath routing with maximally disjoint paths in ad hoc networks
  • S. Lee, M. Gerla
  • Computer Science
  • ICC . IEEE International Conference on…
  • 11 June 2001
In recent years, routing has been the most focused area in ad hoc networks research. On-demand routing in particular, is widely developed in bandwidth constrained mobile wireless ad hoc networksExpand
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GloMoSim: a library for parallel simulation of large-scale wireless networks
A number of library based parallel and sequential network simulators have been designed. The paper describes a library, called GloMoSim (Global Mobile system Simulator), for parallel simulation ofExpand
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On-demand multicast routing protocol
This paper presents a novel multicast routing protocol for mobile ad hoc wireless networks. The protocol, termed ODMRP (on-demand multicast routing protocol), is a mesh-based, rather than aExpand
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TCP westwood: Bandwidth estimation for enhanced transport over wireless links
TCP Westwood (TCPW) is a sender-side modification of the TCP congestion window algorithm that improves upon the performance of TCP Reno in wired as well as wireless networks. The improvement is mostExpand
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Multicluster, mobile, multimedia radio network
A multi-cluster, multi-hop packet radio network architecture for wireless adaptive mobile information systems is presented. The proposed network supports multimedia traffic and relies on both timeExpand
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Adaptive Clustering for Mobile Wireless Networks
  • C. Lin, M. Gerla
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun.
  • 1 September 1997
This paper describes a self-organizing, multihop, mobile radio network which relies on a code-division access scheme for multimedia support. In the proposed network architecture, nodes are organizedExpand
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On-Demand Multicast Routing Protocol in Multihop Wireless Mobile Networks
An ad hoc network is a dynamically reconfigurable wireless network with no fixed infrastructure or central administration. Each host is mobile and must act as a router. Routing and multicastingExpand
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The impact of multihop wireless channel on TCP throughput and loss
This paper studies TCP performance over multihop wireless networks that use the IEEE 802.11 protocol as the access method. Our analysis and simulations show that, given a specific network topologyExpand
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AODV-BR: backup routing in ad hoc networks
  • S. Lee, M. Gerla
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking…
  • 23 September 2000
Nodes in mobile ad hoc networks communicate with one another via packet radios on wireless multihop links. Because of node mobility and power limitations, the network topology changes frequently.Expand
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