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A group mobility model for ad hoc wireless networks
It is shown that group motion occurs frequently in ad hoc networks, and a novel group mobility model Reference Point Group Mobility (RPGM) is introduced to represent the relationship among mobile hosts. Expand
Split multipath routing with maximally disjoint paths in ad hoc networks
This work proposes an on-demand routing scheme called split multipath routing (SMR) that establishes and utilizes multiple routes of maximally disjoint paths and uses a per-packet allocation scheme to distribute data packets into multiple paths of active sessions. Expand
TCP westwood: Bandwidth estimation for enhanced transport over wireless links
TP Westwood is a sender-side modification of the TCP congestion window algorithm that improves upon the performance of TCP Reno in wired as well as wireless networks and is extremely effective in mixed wired and wireless networks where throughput improvements of up to 550% are observed. Expand
On-demand multicast routing protocol
The protocol, termed ODMRP (on-demand multicast routing protocol), is a mesh-based, rather than a conventional tree-based multicast scheme and uses a forwarding group concept (only a subset of nodes forwards the multicast packets via scoped flooding). Expand
Multicluster, mobile, multimedia radio network
A multi-cluster, multi-hop packet radio network architecture for wireless adaptive mobile information systems is presented. The proposed network supports multimedia traffic and relies on both timeExpand
GloMoSim: a library for parallel simulation of large-scale wireless networks
The paper describes the GloMoSim library, addresses a number of issues relevant to its parallelization, and presents a set of experimental results on the IBM 9076 SP, a distributed memory multicomputer. Expand
Adaptive Clustering for Mobile Wireless Networks
  • C. Lin, M. Gerla
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun.
  • 1 September 1997
This paper describes a self-organizing, multihop, mobile radio network which relies on a code-division access scheme for multimedia support that provides an efficient, stable infrastructure for the integration of different types of traffic in a dynamic radio network. Expand
On-Demand Multicast Routing Protocol in Multihop Wireless Mobile Networks
On-Demand Multicast Routing Protocol (ODMRP) is well suited for ad hoc wireless networks with mobile hosts where bandwidth is limited, topology changes frequently, and power is constrained. Expand
The impact of multihop wireless channel on TCP throughput and loss
This paper studies TCP performance over multihop wireless networks that use the IEEE 802.11 protocol as the access method and proposes two techniques, link RED and adaptive pacing, through which it is able to improve TCP throughput by 5% to 30% in various simulated topologies. Expand
AODV-BR: backup routing in ad hoc networks
  • Sung-Ju Lee, M. Gerla
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking…
  • 23 September 2000
This work proposes a scheme to improve existing on-demand routing protocols by creating a mesh and providing multiple alternate routes to the Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector protocol and evaluates the performance improvements by simulation. Expand