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[Inhibition of heparin effects by protamine sulfate].
  • M. Gerendás
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Orvosi hetilap
  • 29 January 1956
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Isotropy in the J Striation of Striated Muscle
FREY-WYSSLING1, following Hürthle, explains the isotropy of the J striation in muscle as the crossing of micellar structure. C. E. Hall, M. A. Jakus and F. O. Schmitt2 established by electronExpand
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Histamine – Heparin – Thrombin Chain Mechanism
EARLIER experiments of ours have shown that the organism regulates the coagulability of the blood by the inactivation of thrombin1,2. Many factors take part in the system causing the thrombin toExpand
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Arthroplasty using of bioplast in tuberculous coxitis.
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Bioplasts and their use in surgery.
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Inactivation of Thrombin
BARRATT1 found in 1932 that bacteria do not cause the decomposition of thrombin preparations, but rather that this is a chemical process I have shown that the inactivation of thrombin in native bloodExpand
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Shock Phenomena and Thrombin Inactivation
IT is known experimentally that changes in blood-clotting occur under shock. In general, the blood takes longer to coagulate in anaphylactic and peptone shock, while in histamine shock theExpand
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