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Relationship between preoperative amiodarone treatment and complications observed during anaesthesia for valvular cardiac surgery
Two groups of ASA physical status class III and IV patients undergoing cardiac surgery were reviewed in an attempt to obtain more conclusive data concerning dangerous interactions between amiodaroneExpand
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[Hemodynamic effects of amrinone in low cardiac output after mitral valve replacement].
The efficacy of amrinone was assessed in the treatment of low cardiac output states occurring within 24 h after mitral valve replacement in an open prospective trial. It included 7 women and 5 men,Expand
[Are the vascular effects of methohexital and propofol different?].
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Evolution of right ventricular function during surgery of adominal aortic aneurysm
Abstract This study was performed to evaluate changes in parameters of right ventricular function measured by thermodilution technique during 1/ aortic clamping and unclamping, 2/ the firstExpand
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[Dobutamine during anesthesia of patients at risk for heart failure. A controlled prospective multicenter study of 93 surgical patients over 64 years of age].
Most anaesthetic agents cause cardiac depression possibly hazardous in the elderly, especially in presence of a poor cardiac reserve. Ninety-three patients undergoing non cardiac surgery lasting moreExpand
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[A comparison of 3.5% dextran 40 and 4% albumin used as volume expansion solutions following heart surgery. Effects on the hemodynamic parameters and the oncotic colloidal pressure].
Dextran 40 (3.5%), a synthetic colloid solution used as a volaemic expander was compared to albumin 4% in 30 patients (15 in each group) during the first twenty hours after cardiac surgery. TheExpand
[Role of urapidil in the treatment of acute hypertension].
Urapidil is a vasodilator acting on peripheral vessels by alpha-1 adrenoceptor blockade, and on central nervous system by alphaadrenoceptor blockade on the tractus solitarius nuclei and stimulationExpand
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