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The immigration model of Sardinia, an island and a border region
With its small numbers of foreign immigrants, originating from both EU and non-EU countries, Sardinia seems to remain a rather distinct and lonely destination compared to the major immigration flows
[A geographical interpretation of an attempt at migratory regionalization in Italy].
A study of the hierarchical clustering of Italian provinces using 1973 inter-provincial migratory flow data and a group of studies dealing with the identification of regional differences in Italian migratory patterns are reviewed.
Immigration to Italy and return policies: a provocation, a wishful thinking or an opportunity?
In Italy, the return of immigrants to their country of origin is practically absent in the media and in the debate among the operators or the general public. In the countries of arrival, immigrant
Productive Reintegration of Return Emigrants and Rural Tourism: Life and Work Experiences in Sardinia (Italy) and in a Mountain Area in the Province of Marrakech (Morocco)
The paper provides a contribution to the formulation of return migration policies that seek to harness the skills gained by emigrants and channel their savings into the creation of small businesses
[Environmental perception, decision processes, and population movement: a review of geographical studies].
The author reviews a selection of studies on the behavioral aspects of migration, with emphasis on the process leading up to the decision to migrate, on the background factors that lead to the contemplation of migration.
[Where is the study of population geography heading].
Two divergent themes concerning the subdiscipline's future are described, one involves focusing on the spatial distribution of population, the other involves a broader approach that is practically indistinguishable from human geography in general.
Return Migrants to Sardinia: Rural and Urban Differences *
This paper reports on a survey of ret urn migrants to Sardinia who were registered in various communes as returnees between 1972 and 1977. Migrants returning to rural as well as urban communities
Comment se modifie l'émigration italienne en Allemagne occidentale.
La conjoncture defavorable a eu plus d'influence sur la communaute italienne en R.F.A. que sur les autres nationalites. Moins feconde et plus mobile, grâce a la protection des mesures communautaires,