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Evaluation of electricity generation and energy cost of wind energy conversion systems (WECSs) in Central Turkey
The negative effects of non-renewable fossil fuels have forced scientists to draw attention to clean energy sources which are both environmentally more suitable and renewable. Although Turkey enjoysExpand
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Flow-induced vibrations of low aspect ratio rectangular membrane wings
Abstract An experimental study of a low aspect ratio rectangular membrane wing in a wind tunnel was conducted for a Reynolds number range of 2.4×104–4.8×104. Time-accurate measurements of membraneExpand
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Cost analysis of wind-electrolyzer-fuel cell system for energy demand in Pınarbaşı-Kayseri
Abstract In this study, the hydrogen production potential and costs by using wind/electrolysis system in Pinarbasi-Kayseri were considered. In order to evaluate costs and quantities of producedExpand
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Evaluation of Wind Characteristics and Energy Potential in Kayseri, Turkey
Although Turkey enjoys very important wind energy potential, the studies of the exploration and utilization this potential are still less than the level needed. In this study, the wind energyExpand
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An experimental study on aerodynamics of NACA2415 aerofoil at low Re numbers
Abstract This study is a detailed experimental investigation on aerodynamics of a NACA2415 aerofoil by varying angle of attack from −12° to 20° at low Reynolds number flight regimes (0.5 × 10 5 to 3Expand
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Performance of transition model for predicting low Re aerofoil flows without/with single and simultaneous blowing and suction
Abstract Transition-sensitive, single point eddy viscosity models are fairly new and performance assessment of these models is required. In this study, the performance of transition and turbulenceExpand
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Economic Viability of Water Pumping Systems Supplied by Wind Energy Conversion and Diesel Generator Systems in North Central Anatolia, Turkey
In this study, a comparison of the economic viability of wind turbine and diesel water pumping systems (WPSs) is presented for five different sites located in the north central Anatolia region ofExpand
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Flow over an aerofoil without and with a leading-edge slat at a transitional Reynolds number
Abstract In this study, a multi-element aerofoil including NACA2415 aerofoil with NACA22 leading-edge slat is experimentally and computationally investigated at a transitional Reynolds number ofExpand
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Low Reynolds Number Flows and Transition
Due to the advances in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), micro air vehicles (MAV) and wind turbines, aerodynamics researches concentrated on low Reynolds number aerodynamics, transition and laminarExpand
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