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Cytotoxicity, Fractionation and Dereplication of Extracts of the Dinoflagellate Vulcanodinium rugosum, a Producer of Pinnatoxin G
Crude extracts of V. rugosum exhibited significant cytotoxicity against Neuro2A and KB cells, and dereplication revealed the presence of a major compound that could be putatively annotated as nakijiquinone A, N-carboxy-methyl-smenospongine or stachybotrin A, using the MarinLit™ database. Expand
Cytotoxicity and mycotoxin production of shellfish‐derived Penicillium spp., a risk for shellfish consumers
The enhancement of the toxicity of extracts obtained from shellfish‐derived Penicillium strains grown on a host‐derived medium, and the production of metabolites such as patulin suggests that a survey of mycotoxins in edible shellfish should be considered. Expand