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Instabilities in multilayered soft dielectrics
Experimental observations clearly show that the performance of dielectric elastomeric-based devices can be considerably improved using composite materials. A critical issue in the development ofExpand
Standards for dielectric elastomer transducers
Dielectric elastomer transducers consist of thin electrically insulating elastomeric membranes coated on both sides with compliant electrodes. They are a promising electromechanically active polymerExpand
Transformation elastodynamics and cloaking for flexural waves
The paper addresses an important issue of cloaking transformations for fourth-order partial differential equations representing flexural waves in thin elastic plates. It is shown that, in contrastExpand
Energy harvesting from human motion: exploiting swing and shock excitations
Modern compact and low power sensors and systems are leading towards increasingly integrated wearable systems. One key bottleneck of this technology is the power supply. The use of energy harvestingExpand
Wave propagation in quasiperiodic structures: stop/pass band distribution and prestress effects
  • M. Gei
  • Mathematics
  • 1 November 2010
The band structure of dispersion diagrams for axial and flexural waves of quasiperiodic infinite beams is investigated. Every structure is composed of a repeated elementary cell generated adoptingExpand
An interface model for the periodontal ligament.
A nonlinear interface constitutive law is formulated for modeling the mechanical behavior of the periodontal ligament. Expand
Band-gap shift and defect-induced annihilation in prestressed elastic structures
Design of filters for electromagnetic, acoustic, and elastic waves involves structures possessing photonic/phononic band gaps for certain ranges of frequencies. Controlling the filtering propertiesExpand
Plane strain bifurcations of elastic layered structures subject to finite bending: theory versus experiments
Finite plane strain bending is solved for a multilayered elastic–incompressible thick plate. This multilayered solution, previously considered only in the case of homogeneity, is in itselfExpand
Harvesting energy with load-driven dielectric elastomer annular membranes deforming out-of-plane
The capabilities of a dielectric elastomer generator formed by a hyper-electro-elastic annular membrane deforming non-homogeneously out-of-plane are investigated. The mechanical-to-electric energyExpand
Junction Conditions for Cracked Elastic Thin Solids Under Bending and Shear
The paper presents an asymptotic model of the spring-like behaviour of small elastic junctions within two-dimensional thin solids subjected to a flexural or shearing load. The approach employs theExpand