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Biogeochemistry of the Bay of Bengal: physical, chemical and primary productivity characteristics of the central and western Bay of Bengal during summer monsoon 2001
Reliable data on biological characteristics from the Bay of Bengal are elusive. In this paper, we present results on physics, chemistry and biology simultaneously measured during the summer monsoon,Expand
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Are eddies nature's trigger to enhance biological productivity in the Bay of Bengal?
[1] The Bay of Bengal is traditionally considered to be a less productive basin compared to the Arabian Sea. Despite the contrasting chlorophyll and primary productivity pattern, sediment trap dataExpand
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Comparative accounts of biological productivity characteristics and estimates of carbon fluxes in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal
Abstract The Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal are tropical basins experiencing monsoonal wind forcing that reverses semi-annually. This brings changes in physics, chemistry and biology of the upperExpand
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Arabian Sea oceanography and fisheries of the west coast of India
CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 81, NO. 4, 25 AUGUST 2001 355 7. Innes, D. E., Inhester, B., Axford, W. I. and Wilhelm, K., Nature, 1997, 386, 811–813. 8. Parker, E. N., Astrophys. J., 1988, 330, 474–479. 9.Expand
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Physical forcing of biological productivity in the Northern Arabian Sea during the Northeast Monsoon
Time-series observations at a nominally fixed location in the northern Arabian Sea (21°N, 64°E) during the Northeast Monsoon (winter, February) of l997 showed the prevalence of cold sea-surfaceExpand
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High biological productivity in the central Arabian Sea during the summer monsoon driven by Ekman pumping and lateral advection
Open oceans are generally oligotrophic and support less biological production. Results from the central Arabian Sea show that it may be an exception to this. We provide the observational evidence ofExpand
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Seasonal cycle of physical forcing and biological response in the Bay of Bengal
Seasonal cycle of the physical processes and the biological response in the Bay of Bengal were studied using co-located physical, chemical and biological data collected along the central and theExpand
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Abundance and relationship of bacteria with transparent exopolymer particles during the 1996 summer monsoon in the Arabian Sea
Bacterial abundance and production, numbers, sizes and concentrations of transparent exopolymer particles (TEP) and total organic carbon (TOC) were measured during the 1996 summer monsoon toExpand
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