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Effects of Acute and Chronic Exercise on Immunological Parameters in the Elderly Aged: Can Physical Activity Counteract the Effects of Aging?
Immunosenescence is characterized by deterioration of the immune system caused by aging which induces changes to innate and adaptive immunity. Immunosenescence affects function and phenotype ofExpand
Time-restricted feeding influences immune responses without compromising muscle performance in older men.
OBJECTIVE This study examined the effect of 12 wk of time-restricted feeding (TRF) on complete blood cell counts, natural killer cells, and muscle performance in 20- and 50-year-old men. METHODSExpand
Factors influencing time between onset of signs/symptoms and referral for dementia in elderly outpatients.
BACKGROUND The few studies that have focused on Time between Onset of Signs and Symptoms and Referral (TOSR) for dementia to a memory center suggest a substantial delay of 1-3 years. This delay has aExpand