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Subject and Source Cuscuta L. (Cuecutaceae subgenus Grammica) is represented in Central Chile by two species, C. micrentha Choisy and C. chilensis KerI-Gawl. They are holoparesites of herbs andExpand
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Sesbania rostrata as a green manure for lowland rice: Growth, N2 fixation,Azorhizobium sp. inoculation, and effects on succeeding crop yields and nitrogen balance
SummaryRoot and stem nodulation, nitrogen fixation (acetylene-reducing activity), growth and N accumulation bySesbania rostrata as affected by season and inoculation were studied in a pot experiment.Expand
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Effect of inorganic N and organic fertilizers on nitrogen-fixing (acetylene-reducing) activity associated with wetland rice plants
Nitrogen-fixing (acetylene-reducing) activities associated with rice plants obtained from field experiments using different N sources were measured by a modified short-term acetylene reduction assay.Expand
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Iridoid glycosides from Escallonia species
Phytochemical study of Escallonia myrtoidea, E. illinita, E. alpina and E. pulverulenta led to the isolation of asperuloside and other C10-iridoid glycosides. From E. myrtoidea a new iridoidExpand
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