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Two new species of Branchiosyllis (Polychaeta: Syllidae) from Western Mexico
Branchiosyllis riojai has been reported for the Mexican Pacific as B. exilis (Gravier 1900), but it differs from the nominal species in falciger distribution along the body, shape of antennae, tentacular cirri and dorsal cirri, as well as in the number and shape of aciculae. Expand
Review of the Capitellidae (Annelida, Polychaeta) from the Eastern Tropical Pacific region, with notes on selected species
This catalogue includes the original name of each species, new names, synonymies, type localities, the museum or institution where the type material is deposited, revision of the material reported for the region by different authors, new examined material, previous reports from other regions of the world, and comments on systematics and distributions. Expand
Distribution of the Possum Shrimp Taphromysis Louisianae (Mysidacea), Including New Far Inland Records
This species ranges from the Florida panhandle to the northern end of the Texas Laguna Madre in fresh or brackish waters and has a disjunct population from Veracruz, Mexico. Expand
A new species of Amphictene (Annelida, Pectinariidae) from the Gulf of Mexico, with a redescription of Amphictene guatemalensis (Nilsson, 1928)
Abstract The genus Amphictene is reported for the first time from Mexico. Previous records for America are restricted to Brazil (Amphictene catharinensis) (Grube, 1870), and Guatemala (AmphicteneExpand
Redescription of Notomastus hemipodus Hartman, 1945 and N. tenuis Moore, 1909 (Polychaeta: Capitellidae)
Redescriptions of Notomastus hemipodus and N. tenuis are provided based on the examination of type specimens and supplemental material due to the similarity in the characters of epithelial texture, first uniramous chaetiger, presence of an anterior palpode, and hooded hooks as well as identical methyl green stain patterns. Expand
Catalogue of Notomastus M. Sars, 1851 (Annelida, Capitellidae) and the description of a new species from the Gulf of California.
A catalogue of the capitellid genus Notomastus M. Sars, 1851 is presented and a new species is described from the Southern Gulf of California: Notomasts mazatlanensis sp. Expand
Generic revision of Notodasus Fauchald, 1972 (Polychaeta: Capitellidae) with descriptions of four new species from the coasts of Mexico
The capitellid genus Notodasus Fauchald, 1972 is emended and its previously known species are redescribed, including the methyl green staining pattern, the epithelial texture and the shape of hooded hooks. Expand
Relocation of Dodecaseta McCammon & Stull, 1978 (Annelida, Capitellidae) in Notodasus Fauchald, 1972
Abstract The capitellid polychaete genus Dodecaseta McCammon & Stull, 1978 is relocated in Notodasus Fauchald, 1972. Two species are redescribed based on examination of type material and three newExpand
Two new species of Notodasus Fauchald, 1972 (Annelida: Capitellidae) from the Central Indo-Pacific region
The descriptions of the two new species of Notodasus represent the first record of notodasus in this region and expand the geographical distribution of the genus. Expand