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Hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1) up-regulates adrenomedullin expression in human tumor cell lines during oxygen deprivation: a possible promotion mechanism of carcinogenesis.
Little is known about the molecular mechanisms that control adrenomedullin (AM) production in human cancers. We demonstrate here that the expression of AM mRNA in a variety of human tumor cell linesExpand
Alternative splicing of the proadrenomedullin gene results in differential expression of gene products.
The adrenomedullin (AM) gene codifies for two bioactive peptides, AM and proAM N-terminal 20 peptide (PAMP). We have found two forms of the AM mRNA. Form A is devoid of introns and results in aExpand
Adrenomedullin: An Esoteric Juggernaut of Human Cancers
ABSTRACT Recent discoveries have linked adrenomedullin (AM) with fetal development, wound repair, and cancer, underlying its importance in cellular proliferative events. In this chapter we examineExpand