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NF449: a subnanomolar potency antagonist at recombinant rat P2X1 receptors
Abstract. Antagonistic effects of the novel suramin analogue 4,4′,4′′,4′′′-(carbonylbis(imino-5,1,3-benzenetriylbis(carbonylimino)))tetrakis-benzene-1,3-disulfonic acid (NF449) were studied onExpand
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Structure-activity relationships of suramin and pyridoxal-5'-phosphate derivatives as P2 receptor antagonists.
Extracellular adenine and uracil 5'-nucleotides are important signalling molecules that exert a great variety of effects in numerous tissues and cell types through the activation of P2 receptors. InExpand
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The novel pyridoxal-5'-phosphate derivative PPNDS potently antagonizes activation of P2X(1) receptors.
Pyridoxal-5'-phosphate-6-(2'-naphthylazo-6'-nitro-4',8'-disulfonat e) (PPNDS) potently antagonized P2X(1) receptor-mediated responses in rat vas deferens (pK(B)=7.43) and Xenopus laevis oocytesExpand
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Structure-activity relationships of analogues of NF449 confirm NF449 as the most potent and selective known P2X1 receptor antagonist.
NF449 [4,4',4",4"'-(carbonylbis(imino-5,1,3-benzenetriyl-bis(carbonylimino)))tetrakisbenzene-1,3-disulfonic acid-octasodiumsalt)] was recently described to inhibit recombinant rP2X(1) receptorsExpand
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Drug shortages may compromise patient safety: Results of a survey of the reference pharmacies of the Drug Commission of German Pharmacists.
Drug shortages are a complex problem and of growing concern. To evaluate implications of drug shortages in terms of outpatient and inpatient safety, the Drug Commission of German Pharmacists surveyedExpand
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The novel heteromeric bivalent ligand SB9 potently antagonizes P2Y(1) receptor-mediated responses.
Effects of 6-[(4,6,8-trisulfo-1-naphthyl)iminocarbonyl-1, 3-(4-methylphenylene)iminocarbonyl-1, 3-phenylene-azo]-pyridoxal-5'-phosphate (SB9), a heterodimeric bivalent ligand consisting ofExpand
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Lipidpneumonie durch Lipid-haltige Nasensprays und -tropfen
Hintergrund: Im Rahmen der Routineaktualisierung des Deutschen Arzneimittel-Codex/Neues Rezeptur-Formularium (DAC/NRF), Kapitel „Zubereitungen zur Anwendung in der Nase“ sowie der RezepturhinweiseExpand
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[Lipoid Pneumonia Associated with Lipid-Containing Nasal Sprays and Nose Drops].
BACKGROUND Regularly updating the German pharmacopoeia on contemporary preparations DAC/NRF, chapter "Nasal Applications" and the recommendations on "Nasal Oils" as well as "Nasal Ointments andExpand
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Trends in dispensing oral emergency contraceptives and safety issues: a survey of German community pharmacists
Background Oral emergency contraceptives containing levonorgestrel or ulipristal acetate are available without prescription and only in pharmacies in Germany since March 2015. Due to this changeExpand
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