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Ideological Dilemmas: A Social Psychology of Everyday Thinking
A major contribution to the social scientific understanding of how people make sense of their lives, Ideological Dilemmas presents an illuminating new approach to the study of everyday thinking.Expand
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Symbolic Exchange And Death
Introduction - Mike Gane The End of Production The Order of Simulacra Fashion, or The Enchanting Spectacle of the Code The Body, or The Mass Grave of Signs Political Economy and Death TheExpand
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Baudrillard Live: Selected Interviews
Introduction, Part One: Interview 1: I Don't Belong to the Club, Part Two: Interview 2: I Like the Cinema, Interview 3: Baudrillard's Seductions, Interview 4: The 'Look' Generation, Interview 5: TheExpand
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Baudrillard's Bestiary: Baudrillard and Culture
Acknowledgements, 1. Introduction: the double infidelity, 2. From literary criticism to fiction-theory, 3. Modern ambience of objects, 4. Technology and culture, 5. The rigours of consumer society,Expand
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Baudrillard: Critical and Fatal Theory
Acknowledgements: Part 1, 1. Introduction, 2. Essential Background and Context, 3. Baudrillard, Postmodernism, Marxism and Feminism, Part 2, 4. Baudrillard's attempt to develop Marxism, 5. A ChangeExpand
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Radical Sociology of Durkheim and Mauss
In this collection, Mike Gane brings together a selection of key articles on Durkheim and Mauss showing their points of convergence and divergence. Included here are Mauss's "A SociologicalExpand
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Durkheim's scenography of suicide
Durkheim's classic study Suicide still has many surprises and mysteries over 100 years after it was written: why was the order of analysis reversed in this study? Why did Durkheim have recourse toExpand
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Foucault's new domains
1. Introduction, Mike Gane and Terry Johnson 2. Kant on Enlightenment, Michel Foucault 3. Question, Ethos, Event, Colin Gordon 4. The Will to Knowledge, Pasqale Pasquino 5. A Genealogy of PoliticalExpand
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On Durkheim's Rules of sociological method
Preface. PART ONE: 1. Durkheim, the Rules and the Problem 2. The remarkable argument of the Rules 3. The problematic consistency of Durkheim's 'official' method 4.Variations of method in Durkheim'sExpand
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The form of Foucault
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