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Rethinking urban metabolism: water, space and the modern city
‘Water is a brutal delineator of social power which has at various times worked to either foster greater urban cohesion or generate new forms of political conflict’. In the paper which follows,Expand
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Concrete and Clay: Reworking Nature in New York City
Co-winner of the 2003 Spiro Kostof Award presented by the Society of Architectural Historians In this innovative account of the urbanization of nature in New York City, Matthew Gandy explores how theExpand
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Cyborg Urbanization: Complexity and Monstrosity in the Contemporary City
Since the term 'cyborg' first emerged in the early 1960s it has gradually evolved to encompass an ever wider array of fields ranging from in vitro fertilization to science fiction cinema. In thisExpand
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Planning, Anti-planning and the Infrastructure Crisis Facing Metropolitan Lagos
  • M. Gandy
  • Sociology, Business
  • 1 February 2006
Many of the 'mega cities' of the global South face an escalating crisis in the adequate provision of basic services such as water, housing and mass transit systems. Lagos-the largest city inExpand
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Landscapes of Disaster: Water, Modernity, and Urban Fragmentation in Mumbai
The city of Mumbai is undergoing a complex social, economic, and political transition into an increasingly fragmentary and polarized metropolitan space. The tortuous flow of water throughExpand
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The Paris Sewers and the Rationalization of Urban Space
Sewers are perhaps the most enigmatic of urban infrastructures. Most citizens of modern cities are aware of their existence, yet few could accurately describe their layout or appearance. This paperExpand
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Marginalia: Aesthetics, Ecology, and Urban Wastelands
Wastelands are a characteristic feature of many urban and industrial landscapes. Although the term wasteland has become widely subsumed within various utilitarian discourses concerning theExpand
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The resurgence of disease: social and historical perspectives on the 'new' tuberculosis.
The resurgence of tuberculosis is one of the most serious global public health challenges of the twenty-first century. This paper argues that the decline of tuberculosis since the nineteenth centuryExpand
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International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
● Berlin’s regional economy, socio-spatial fabric and ‘worst practice’ urban governance ● Governance in cross-border regions in Europe and North America ● Searching for the urban ‘sustainability fix’Expand
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Zones of indistinction: bio-political contestations in the urban arena
This essay explores the idea of ‘bio-politics’ in relation to the modern city. The concept is traced through its original Foucauldian formulation to more recent explorations of the relationshipExpand
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