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Cancer of the breast: 5-year survival in a tertiary hospital in Uganda
The objective was to investigate survival of breast cancer patients at Mulago Hospital. A retrospective study of the medical records of 297 breast cancer patients referred to the combined breastExpand
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Challenges of Surgery in Developing Countries: A Survey of Surgical and Anesthesia Capacity in Uganda’s Public Hospitals
BackgroundThere are large disparities in access to surgical services due to a multitude of factors, including insufficient health human resources, infrastructure, medicines, equipment, financing,Expand
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Increasing Access to Surgical Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: Priorities for National and International Agencies Recommended by the Bellagio Essential Surgery Group
In this Policy Forum, the Bellagio Essential Surgery Group, which was formed to advocate for increased access to surgery in Africa, recommends four priority areas for national and internationalExpand
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Boda-boda Injuries a Health Problem and a Burden of Disease in Uganda:a Tertiary Hospital Survey
Background: Injury and deaths due to road traffic crashes are a major public health problem in developing countries. Boda bodas (motorcycles) are a practical and a sought after economic activity inExpand
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Essential Surgery at the District Hospital: A Retrospective Descriptive Analysis in Three African Countries
In the first of two papers investigating surgical provision in eight district hospitals in Saharan African countries, Margaret Kruk and colleagues find low levels of surgical care provisionExpand
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The Neglect of the Global Surgical Workforce: Experience and Evidence from Uganda
BackgroundAfrica’s health workforce crisis has recently been emphasized by major international organizations. As a part of this discussion, it has become apparent that the workforce required toExpand
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Learning health professionalism at Makerere University: an exploratory study amongst undergraduate students
BackgroundAnecdotal evidence shows that unprofessional conduct is becoming a common occurrence amongst health workers in Uganda. The development of appropriate professional values, attitudes andExpand
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Problem Based Learning, curriculum development and change process at Faculty of Medicine, Makerere University, Uganda.
INTRODUCTION The faculty of Medicine, (FOM) Makerere University Kampala was started in 1924 and has been running a traditional curriculum for 79 years. A few years back it embarked on changing itsExpand
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Evaluating international global health collaborations: perspectives from surgery and anesthesia trainees in Uganda.
BACKGROUND The number of international academic partnerships and global health programs is expanding rapidly worldwide. Although the benefits of such programs to visiting international partners haveExpand
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Human Resource and Funding Constraints for Essential Surgery in District Hospitals in Africa: A Retrospective Cross-Sectional Survey
In the second of two papers investigating surgical provision in eight district hospitals in Saharan African countries, Margaret Kruk and colleagues describe the range of providers of surgical careExpand
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