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The personal norm of reciprocity
Reciprocity is here considered as an internalized social norm, and a questionnaire to measure individual differences in the internalized norm of reciprocity is presented. The questionnaire, Personal
When people fall from grace: reconsidering the role of envy in Schadenfreude.
It is suggested that envy predicts Schadenfreude when people are confronted with the misfortune of a relevant social comparison other when the target is similar to the observer in terms of gender.
Measuring clinical outcomes in neuro-oncology. A battery to evaluate low-grade gliomas (LGG)
It is described how a neuropsychological evaluation in patients with brain tumors should be performed, specifically in the case of low-grade gliomas, and underline that sensitive and wide-ranging tests are required; specific tasks based on the lesion site should be added.
A conceptual and empirical examination of justifications for dichotomization.
The authors contacted 66 researchers who had published articles using dichotomized variables and obtained their justifications for dichotomization and explored both logically and with Monte Carlo simulations to determine whether any of these reasons are valid.
This study supports the routine use of subcortical stimulation for language tract identification as a reliable tool for guiding surgical removal of gliomas in or in close proximity to language areas or pathways.
Rehabilitating patients with left spatial neglect by prism exposure during a visuomotor activity.
The improvement of USN, measured by cancellation performance, and that of disability, measured through the FIM scale, were mediated by the size of the leftward aftereffects, suggesting a causal relationship between prism exposure and recovery.
Reading the reading brain: A new meta-analysis of functional imaging data on reading
Abstract Over the last 20 years, reading has been the focus of much research using functional imaging. A formal assessment of the implications of this work for a more general understanding of reading
A bumpy train ride: a field experiment on insult, honor, and emotional reactions.
In insulted participants with a strong adherence to honor norms perceived more anger in subsequent stimuli than not-insulted participants withA direct relationship among insult, adherence to Honor norms, and emotional reactions is supported.
Safeguard Power as a Protection Against Imprecise Power Estimates
S safeguard power analysis is introduced, which uses the uncertainty in the estimate of the effect size to achieve a better likelihood of correctly identifying the population effect size and is shown to be higher than nominal power in most common instances.
“How many bad apples does it take to spoil the whole barrel?”: Social exclusion and toleration for bad apples
In social dilemmas, where personal welfare is in conflict with collective welfare, there are inherent incentives to act non-cooperatively. Moreover, there is evidence that the example of a few