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Augmentation of normal and malignant B cell proliferation by monoclonal antibody to the B cell-specific antigen BP50 (CDW40).
The fact that BCGF modulated the expression of Bp50 on leukemic cells suggests thatBCGF and Bp 50-mediated signals may be coordinately regulated.
Neutralizing Activity of Saliva against Cytomegalovirus
Salivary neutralizing activities are attainable by induction of high serum IgG levels and could be utilized to evaluate candidate cytomegalovirus vaccines, and are suggested to be prevalent in mothers of children in day care than in non-day care-associated adults.
Polyreactive antigen‐binding B cells are the predominant cell type in the newborn B cell repertoire
It is concluded that polyreactive antigen‐binding B cells are a major constituent of the normal adult B cell repertoire and are the predominant cell type in the newborn B Cell repertoire.
Reference intervals for immature platelet fraction and immature platelet count
It was hypothesized that IPF and immature platelet count (IPC) would also be age specific, and IPF was much higher for both males and females <6 months of age with a nadir between 2 and 6 years of age.