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Effect of goat milk, cow milk, cow milk replacer and partial substitution of the replacer mixture with whey on artificial feeding of female kids
The objective was to study a feeding system for female kids that could utilise whey from goat cheese making or a milk replacer. Six feeding groups were tested: one using a commercial cow milkExpand
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Goat kid's growth improvement with a lactic probiotic fed on a standard base diet
The objective of the present study was to increase kid's growth fed on alfalfa hay (Medicago sativa) and a high protein concentrate, with the addition of a lactic probiotic containing lactobacilli. AExpand
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Fattening Rambouillet lambs with corn stubble or alfalfa, slow intake urea supplementation or balanced concentrate
Abstract One hundred and sixty Rambouillet lambs (15.925±0.350 kg/BW) were studied for 90 days with two treatments evaluating in situ DM disappearance, voluntary DM and OM intake, rumen degradation,Expand
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Voluntary dry matter intake by dairy goats grazing on rangeland or on agricultural by-products in Mexico
Abstract Voluntary dry matter intake (VDMI) by dairy goats was estimated using the fill unit system determined by sex, live weight, level of production, stage of lactation and pregnancy. Forage fillExpand
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Reproductive performance of Mexican dairy goats under various management systems
Abstract Reproductive data from five dairy goat farms in a semi-arid area of Mexico were studied from 1987 to 1993. The study accumulated the results from 1675 births. Three farms had continuousExpand
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Effect of the use of fermentation promoters with or without probiotics on the profile of fatty acids, amino acids and cholesterol of milk from grazing cows
This study reviews the development and use of fermentation promoters and probiotics on the profile of fatty acids, amino acids and cholesterol of milk from grazing cows. A herd of 35 cows (511 ± 12Expand
Ceba de bovinos con punta de caña y planta de maíz suplementados con bloque proteico de urea o concentrado.
Se realizo un experimento durante 120 dias en 60 becerros de 257 (±7) kg de peso alimentados con una mezcla de punta de cana (80 %) y planta entera de maiz (20 %). Ambos forrajes eran de bajaExpand
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Rumen physiology, feed intake and live weight gain by bulls consuming sugarcane tops as basal diet supplemented with local available resources
Resumen es: Se realizaron dos experimentos en bovinos consumiendo puntas de cana (SCT) para determinar el efecto de pasto Taiwan (TG), urea, pollinaza (PL) y un s...
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Comparación de dos modelos de manejo alimenticio para la producción de leche de caprinos
Se comparo el manejo alimenticio y el costo del litro de leche de dos modelos de produccion, la primera observacion se realizo durante 5 anos (1981-1985) en estabulacion total en Jilotepec, Mexico,Expand
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