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Revision of the genus Coletinia (Zygentoma: Nicoletiidae) in the Iberian Peninsula, with descriptions of nine new species.
The discovery of several members of the genus Coletinia Wygodzinsky, 1980, from subterranean habitats (endogean and troglobiont), prompted the review of this genus in the Iberian Peninsula, and nine new species have been established.
Description of a new species of Machilinus Silvestri, 1904 from the Canary Islands (Microcoryphia: Meinertellidae)
A new Machilinus: M. fortunatus n. sp. from Tenerife island is described. It is included in the rupestris group and compared with the species of the aforementioned group.
Genetic variability and systematic relationships in four species of the genus Catamachilis (Insecta, Apterygota, Microcoryphia).
Genetic differentiation among 9 populations of 4 species of the genus Catamachilis endemic to the Iberian peninsula confirmed the existence of three well differentiated species and found the population of C. clipeata was found to be strictly related to C. franzi.
Genetic differentiation and detection of cryptic species in the genus Lepismachilis (Insecta: Microcoryphia) from the Western Mediterranean region
Allozyme data did not provide adequate information to resolve evolutionary relationships among the species, nor did they confirm the validity of the two subgenera (Lepismachilis and Berlesilis), but genetic divergence values indicated that the six species are well differentiated and allozyme profiles were diagnostic for all of them.