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Dynamics of the Standard Model
Preface Inputs to the standard model Interactions of the standard model Symmetries and anomalies Introduction to effective Lagrangians Leptons Very low energy QCD - Pions and photons IntroducingExpand
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Duality Rotations for Interacting Fields
Abstract We study the properties of interacting field theories which are invariant under duality rotations which transform a vector field strength into its dual. We consider non-abelian dualityExpand
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Rare Decay Modes of the K-Mesons in Gauge Theories
Rare decay modes of the kaons such as K→μμ¯, K→πνν¯, K→γγ, K→πγγ, and K→πee¯ are of theoretical interest since here we are observing higher-order weak and electromagnetic interactions. RecentExpand
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The TeV physics of strongly interacting W's and Z's
Abstract There are two possibilities for electroweak symmetry breaking: either there is a scalar particle much lighter than 1 TeV or the longitudinal components of W and Z bosons interact strongly atExpand
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Aspects of the flipped unification of strong, weak and electromagnetic interactions
We study issues arising in attempts to unify strong and other elementary particle interactions. The proton lifetime is estimated in theories with second-order baryon number violation, and found to beExpand
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Nonlinear electromagnetic self-duality and Legendre transformations
We discuss continuous duality transformations and the properties of classical theories with invariant interactions between electromagnetic fields and matter. The case of scalar fields is treated inExpand
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A Phenomenological Profile of the Higgs Boson
A discussion is given of the production, decay and observability of the scalar Higgs boson H expected in gauge theories of the weak and electromagnetic interactions such as the Weinberg-Salam model.Expand
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The DELPHI detector at LEP.
Study of spectral moments in semileptonic decays of the b hadron with the DELPHI detector at LEP. The measurement of the moments of hadronic mass spectrum and of lepton energy spectrum based on aExpand
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The effective one-loop scalar lagrangian with derivative couplings
Abstract The one-loop effective scalar lagrangian is given in an explicitly field redefinition invariant form for a general model with derivative scalar self-couplings and scalar couplings to spin -Expand
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