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Book-Review - the Chemical Evolution of the Atmosphere and Oceans
In this first full-scale attempt to reconstruct the chemical evolution of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans, Heinrich Holland assembles data from a wide spectrum of fields to trace the history of theExpand
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Mineralogical Variations within the S-Type Asteroid Class
Abstract A systematic spectral analysis has been Carried out on a large subset (39 of 144) of the S-type asteroid population. The S-asteroid class includes a number of distinct compositional subtypesExpand
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Pyroxene spectroscopy revisited - Spectral-compositional correlations and relationship to geothermometry
The authors wish to thank the various agencies which have provided the necessary support for this project including grants-in-aid of research from Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society (toExpand
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Spectral reflectance characteristics of the meteorite classes
Spectral reflectance curves (0.35–2.5 μm) have been measured for about 150 individual meteorite specimens which represent nearly all the types and subtypes of meteorites present in terrestrialExpand
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Calibrations of phase abundance, composition, and particle size distribution for olivine-orthopyroxene mixtures from reflectance spectra
Various portions of this work were supported at the University of Hawaii by NASA grant NSG-7312 and by a Sigma Xi Foundation grant to E.A.C. and at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute by NASA grantExpand
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Impact excavation on Asteroid 4 Vesta: Hubble Space Telescope results
Hubble Space Telescope images of asteroid 4 Vesta obtained during the favorable 1996 apparition show an impact crater 460 kilometers in diameter near the south pole. Color measurements within theExpand
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Surface Lithologic Heterogeneity of Asteroid 4 Vesta
Abstract High precision spectrophotometry of 4 Vesta, the third largest asteroid, was used to establish the surface composition of this body and to investigate mineralogical variations across itsExpand
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Phyllosilicate Absorption Features in Main-Belt and Outer-Belt Asteroid Reflectance Spectra
Absorption features having depths up to 5% are identified in high-quality, high-resolution reflectance spectra of 16 dark asteroids in the main belt and in the Cybele and Hilda groups. Analogs amongExpand
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Vesta: Spin Pole, Size, and Shape from HST Images
Abstract HST images obtained over an interval of 71 hr at a scale of 52 km/pixel have been used to determine the spin pole, size, and shape of Vesta. Several bright and dark surface features allowExpand
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Asteroids - The big picture
An attempt is made to construct a simple model of the evolution of the asteroid belt from the data available about the individual asteroids. Data on the meaning of taxonomic types, the stratigraphyExpand
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