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Real-Time Patient-Specific ECG Classification by 1-D Convolutional Neural Networks
We propose a patient-specific ECG heartbeat classifier with an adaptive implementation of 1-D convolutional neural networks that are able to fuse the two major blocks of the traditional ECG classification into a single learning body: feature extraction and classification. Expand
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Rate adaptation for adaptive HTTP streaming
We propose a novel rate adaptation algorithm for adaptive HTTP streaming that detects bandwidth changes using a smoothed HTTP throughput measured based on the segment fetch time (SFT). Expand
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A Generic and Robust System for Automated Patient-Specific Classification of ECG Signals
This paper presents a generic and patient-specific classification system designed for robust and accurate detection of ECG heartbeat patterns, which is based on morphological and temporal features from the ECG data. Expand
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The Emerging MVC Standard for 3D Video Services
Multiview video has gained a wide interest recently. The huge amount of data needed to be processed by multiview applications is a heavy burden for both transmission and decoding. The joint videoExpand
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The error concealment feature in the H.26L test model
This paper presents the error concealment (EC) feature implemented by the authors in the test model of the draft ITU-T video coding standard H.26L. Expand
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Voice Conversion Using Dynamic Kernel Partial Least Squares Regression
We propose to use dynamic kernel partial least squares (DKPLS) technique to model nonlinearities as well as to capture the dynamics in the data. Expand
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Real-Time Motor Fault Detection by 1-D Convolutional Neural Networks
We propose a fast and accurate motor condition monitoring and early fault-detection system using 1-D convolutional neural networks that has an inherent adaptive design to fuse the feature extraction and classification phases of the motor fault detection into a single learning body. Expand
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The 2nd competition on counter measures to 2D face spoofing attacks
We compare and evaluate novel face anti-spoofing algorithms on a variety of spoofing attacks using the ReplayAttack database. Expand
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Voice Conversion Using Partial Least Squares Regression
We propose a technique to combine PLS with GMMs, enabling the use of multiple local linear mappings. Expand
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Epileptic Seizure Classification of EEG Time-Series Using Rational Discrete Short-Time Fourier Transform
A system for epileptic seizure detection in electroencephalography (EEG) is based on an adaptive and localized time-frequency representation of EEG signals by means of rational functions. Expand
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