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Macroscopic aspects of attosecond pulse generation
Attosecond pulses are generated by a macroscopic number of ionizing atoms interacting with a focused laser pulse, via the process of high harmonic generation. The physics of their generation consistsExpand
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Frequency chirp of harmonic and attosecond pulses
We study the phase of the atomic polarization in the process of high-order harmonic generation. Its dependence on the laser intensity and the harmonic order induce a frequency variation in timeExpand
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Theory of strong-field attosecond transient absorption
Attosecond transient absorption is one of the promising new techniques being developed to exploit the availability of sub-femtosecond extreme ultraviolet (XUV) pulses to study the dynamics of theExpand
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Spatiotemporal separation of high harmonic radiation into two quantum path components
We present a spatiotemporal analysis of high harmonic generation, showing evidence for the presence of several quantum path contributions to the atomic dipole moment. We show that the harmonicExpand
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Light-induced states in attosecond transient absorption spectra of laser-dressed helium
Shaohao Chen,1,* M. Justine Bell,2,3,* Annelise R. Beck,2,3 Hiroki Mashiko,2 Mengxi Wu,1 Adrian N. Pfeiffer,2,3 Mette B. Gaarde,1 Daniel M. Neumark,2,3 Stephen R. Leone,2,3,4 and Kenneth J. Schafer1Expand
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Measurement and control of the frequency chirp rate of high-order harmonic pulses
We measure the chirp rate of harmonics 13 to 23 in argon by cross correlation with a 12 femtosecond probe pulse. Under low ionization conditions, we directly measure the negative chirp due to theExpand
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Amplitude and phase control of attosecond light pulses.
We report the generation, compression, and delivery on target of ultrashort extreme-ultraviolet light pulses using external amplitude and phase control. Broadband harmonic radiation is firstExpand
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Vacuum-ultraviolet frequency combs from below-threshold harmonics
Frequency combs have revolutionized frequency metrology. High-harmonic generation in atoms has led to fast sources of short-wavelength photons. Combining these two technologies enables the transferExpand
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Transient absorption and reshaping of ultrafast XUV light by laser-dressed helium
We present a theoretical study of transient absorption and reshaping of extreme ultraviolet (XUV) pulses by helium atoms dressed with a moderately strong infrared (IR) laser field. We formulate theExpand
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Spatial and spectral properties of the high-order harmonic emission in argon for seeding applications
We characterize and control the harmonic emission in the spectral and spatial domains in order to define in which conditions the harmonic radiation can be a high-quality seed for soft x-ray and x-rayExpand
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