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Temperature effect on the rheological behavior of carrot juices
Abstract A study of the rheological behavior of untreated and pasteurized carrot juice was carried out using a rotational viscometer at temperatures between 8 and 85 °C. The rheological models ofExpand
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Gelatin-coated paper with antimicrobial and antioxidant effect for beef packaging
In the present work, raw paper sheets were coated with biopolymeric solutions based on gelatin crosslinked with transglutaminase enzyme, containing glycerol as plasticizer, and citric acid asExpand
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Extraction of red cabbage anthocyanins: optimization of the operation conditions of the column process
The aim of this work was to extract anthocyanins from the red cabbage. Batch studies under several extraction conditions indicated that acetic acid in aqueous solution (10% V/V) was the best solvent,Expand
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Organic-inorganic hybrid membranes in separation processes: a 10-year review
In relation to some inorganic membranes, polymeric membranes have relatively low separation performance. However, the processing flexibility and low cost of polymers still make them highly attractiveExpand
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Biodegradable Duo-functional Active Film: Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Actions for the Conservation of Beef
The mechanical properties as well antioxidant/antimicrobial effects of active packaging for beef produced from cornstarch, linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), and citric acid (CA) wereExpand
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Effect of pre-treatments on drying, density and shrinkage of apple slices
Abstract The effects of different pre-treatments on convective drying of apple slices were studied and compared to drying without pre-treatments. An impregnation with starch, an HTST process, and aExpand
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RESUMO – O jaracatia (Carica quercifolia (A. St.-Hil.) Hieron) pertence a familia Caricaceae e ao genero Vasconcellea, o qual possui 21 especies. O foco do presente estudo e a caracterizacao da suaExpand
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Edible films from mucilage of Cereus hildmannianus fruits: Development and characterization
Mucilages are heteropolysaccharides with rich monosaccharide composition. They are capable of forming films that are brittle and fragile, and in order to obtain flexible materials, plasticizers mustExpand
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Effect of the Processing Steps on Cactus Juice Production
A bstractThe Cereus hildmannianus K. Schum juice was obtained by enzymatic and mechanical treatments, both followed by a pasteurization process. The effects caused by these processes were evaluatedExpand
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Partial Purification of Anthocyanins from Brassica oleracea (Red Cabbage)
Abstract Red cabbage has a high content of anthocyanin and it may become an important source of this pigment. Common extraction methods are not selective, and a great quantity of sugar isExpand
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