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Geophysical investigations of the Seferihisar geothermal area, Western Anatolia, Turkey
Abstract Self-potential (SP), magnetic and very low frequency electromagnetic (EM-VLF) surveys were carried out in the Seferihisar geothermal area to identify major and minor fault zones andExpand
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Acoustic evidence of shallow gas accumulations and active pockmarks in the İzmir Gulf, Aegean sea
Abstract Based on high-resolution Chirp seismic, multibeam bathymetry and side scan sonar data collected in the Izmir Gulf, Aegean Sea in 2008 and 2010, gas-related structures have been identified,Expand
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Natural and anthropogenic submarine morphologies revealed by high resolution acoustic data in the Gulf of Izmir, western Turkey
Abstract This study includes the interpretation of submarine morphological structures using the multibeam echo sounder bathymetry and CHIRP high resolution seismic in the Gulf of Izmir. The faults asExpand
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A review of integrated geophysical investigations from archaeological and cultural sites under encroaching urbanisation in İzmir, Turkey
Abstract In the new millennium, globalisation, and with it urbanisation, has been expanding as a consequence of economic development throughout the world. Urbanisation is a major social problem, notExpand
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Integrated geophysical studies in the upper part of Sardis archaeological site, Turkey
Abstract Sardis is one of the most important archaeological sites of western Turkey, and the city covered with very thick soil layer. Thus, it is very difficult to predict the ruins from the surface.Expand
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Integrated geophysical surveys for the subsurface mapping of buried structures under and surrounding of the Agios Voukolos Church in İzmir, Turkey
Abstract This work presents the results of the integrated usage of geophysics in the Agios Voukolos Church, one of the unique Orthodox constructions in Izmir. The surveys had two main objectives: toExpand
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Integrated geophysical investigations in a fault zone located on southwestern part of İzmir city, Western Anatolia, Turkey
Abstract Integrated geophysical investigations consisting of joint application of various geophysical techniques have become a major tool of active tectonic investigations. The choice of integratedExpand
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Geophysical Techniques Applied in Archaeology
With the increased demand to facilitate the archaeological work either in well-known archaeological sites or the crude sites, geophysical methods plays an important role. The Geophysical methods haveExpand
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Resistivity inverse modelling in landfill sites and its application in an old waste landfill site
The problems originating from the landfill sites are an important factor in environmental research projects. Particularly, the important problems may arise from the old and new waste sites that areExpand
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Synthetic GPR modelling studies on shallow geological properties and its comparison with the real data
The synthetic GPR modelling studies are quite important to evaluate the interpretation of shallow geological properties such as faulting, bedding, weathering etc. This study aims to simulate someExpand
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