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Measuring the force of punches and kicks among combat sport athletes using a modified punching bag with an embedded accelerometer.
The main aim of the study was to design a new system to measure punching and kicking forces as well as reaction times in combat sport athletes. In addition, the study examined whether there were anyExpand
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Leg strength and power in Polish striker soccer players.
PURPOSE The main goal of the present study was to examine muscle strength and power of dominant and non-dominant leg, knee extensors and flexors, and their correlations with jumping performances inExpand
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Comparison of ZnO:Al, ITO and carbon nanotube transparent conductive layers in flexible solar cells applications
Abstract In the paper the mechanical, optical and electrical parameters of transparent conductive layers (TCLs) made of carbon nanotubes and metal conductive oxides are explored and compared. AllExpand
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Accelerometer profile of motion of the pelvic girdle in breaststroke swimming
Abstract The aim of the study was to develop a method for measurement and analysis of kinematics of the pelvic girdle movement in breaststroke swimming to support training of technical skills. TheExpand
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Diastereoselective formation of cyclochiral amino acids-substituted resorcin[4]arenes
The Mannich reaction between selectively tetratosylated resorcin[4]arene, formaldehyde and (S)-phenylalanine (or (S)-phenylglycine) methylamide gave cyclochiral mono- or dibenzoxazines with highExpand
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Comparison of two boxing training simulators
Summary Study aim: the aim of the study was to compare two methods for measuring punching and kicking force and the reaction time of athletes. Material and methods: both systems were designed toExpand
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Changes of Strength and Maximum Power of Lower Extremities in Adolescent Handball Players During a Two-year Training Cycle
Abstract The aim of the study was to investigate changes of strength and power of the lower extremities in adolescent handball players during a two-year training cycle. Thirty-one male handballExpand
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Measurement of the W boson helicity fractions in the decays of top quark pairs to lepton + jets final states produced in pp collisions at s=8TeV
Individuals have received support from the Marie-Curie pro-gramme and the European Research Council and EPLANET (Euro-pean Union); the Leventis Foundation; the Alfred P. Sloan Founda-tion; theExpand
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Vitamin D and Cortisol as Moderators of the Relationship Between Testosterone and Exercise Performance in Adolescent Male Athletes.
PURPOSE Reported associations between vitamin 25(OH)D and exercise performance are equivocal, perhaps due to complex interplay with cortisol and testosterone. In this study, the authors investigatedExpand
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