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BG9719 (CVT-124), an A1 Adenosine Receptor Antagonist, Protects Against the Decline in Renal Function Observed With Diuretic Therapy
Background—Adenosine may adversely affect renal function via its effects on renal arterioles and tubuloglomerular feedback, but effects of adenosine blockade in humans receiving furosemide and ACEExpand
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Anthocyanin profiling of wild maqui berries (Aristotelia chilensis [Mol.] Stuntz) from different geographical regions in Chile.
BACKGROUND Maqui (Aristotelia chilensis) is a Chilean species which produces small berries that are collected from the wild. Anthocyanins, because of their health benefits, are the major focus ofExpand
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Substitution of finger millet (Eleusine coracana) and bulrush millet (Pennisetum typhoides) for maize in broiler feeds
Abstract The first experiment was conducted to determine acceptability levels and growth performance when bulrush millet or finger millet was substituted for maize at 0, 20, 40 or 60% in both broilerExpand
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Origen botánico y propiedades químicas de las mieles de la región mediterránea árida de Chile
Pollen grains present in the honeys, produced during the season 2001-2002, in hives of the IV Region of Chile, were identified by microscopic analysis in order to determine their botanical origin.Expand
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Regeneration Potential of Chilean Matorral After Fire: An Updated View
At a global scale it is attractive to assume that global warming would have highly similar effects on ecosystem structure and function in the five regions of Mediterranean-type ecosystems. Indeed,Expand
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Anesthetic management of placenta accreta in a low-resource setting: a case series.
BACKGROUND Current recommendations for the anesthetic management of placenta accreta support a conservative approach with neuraxial anesthesia and uterine artery embolization. These are based on caseExpand
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Fire regimes and vegetation responses in two Mediterranean-climate regions
Los incendios forestales originados por tormentas estivales son una caracteristica comun en la mayoria de las regiones con clima Mediterraneo, tal como el sur de California, y han jugado un rolExpand
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Theoretical Models for Regeneration of Medicinal Plants and Their Application in Sustainable Wild-Harvesting
Mediterranean-type ecosystems, such as Central Chile, the Mediterranean Basin, California, South Africa and Southwestern Australia are some of the 25 biodiversity hotspots on earth, selected becauseExpand
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The estrous cycle and pituitary-ovarian function in Lewis and Fischer rats.
We have characterized the estrous cycle by obtaining vaginal smears, and quantitating estradiol (E), progesterone (P), luteinizing hormone (LH), and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) plasma levelsExpand
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Short‐term effects of administration of anticonvulsant drugs on free carnitine and acylcarnitine in mouse serum and tissues
1 The short‐term evolution of concentrations of free carnitine and acylcarnitine was studied in the serum, liver, kidney, heart and skeletal muscle of mice after administration of single therapeuticExpand
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