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Late Quaternary dynamics of pinewoods in the Iberian Mountains.
Abstract The role of pinewoods as native forests in the Iberian Mountains, and their long-term dynamics during the last interglacial, has been intensely debated among geobotanists. This debate hasExpand
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The Holocene history of highland pine forests in a submediterranean mountain: the case of Gredos mountain range (Iberian Central range, Spain)
The significance of Pinus sylvestris and Pinus nigra forests in Gredos mountain range in the Iberian botanical literature has been traditionally a matter of controversy. Considered for many botanistsExpand
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Resin tapping in Pinus pinaster: effects on growth and response function to climate
Pinus pinaster is of great ecological and economic importance and has traditionally been subjected to intensive uses such as wood and resin extraction. In the last decade, dendrochronological methodsExpand
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Crecimiento y longevidad en el pino canario (Pinus canariensis Smith.)
En este trabajo se aportan los principales resultados obtenidos en el estudio dendrocronologico y dendroecologico de Pinus canariensis que, desde hace ya algunos anos, estamos realizando en las islasExpand
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Dendrogeomorphology in badlands: Methods, case studies and prospects
Soil and vegetation are interacting factors controlling erosion. Soil degradation processes may affect the normal tree and shrub development and inversely, vegetation can modulate the velocity andExpand
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Forests synchronize their growth in contrasting Eurasian regions in response to climate warming
Significance Forests dominate carbon fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems. We demonstrate how an intensified climatic influence on tree growth during the last 120 y has increased spatial synchrony inExpand
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Forest resilience to drought varies across biomes
Forecasted increase drought frequency and severity may drive worldwide declines in forest productivity. Species-level responses to a drier world are likely to be influenced by their functionalExpand
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Measuring medium-term sheet erosion in gullies from trees: A case study using dendrogeomorphological analysis of exposed pine roots in central Iberia
Abstract The assessment of gully erosion poses a great challenge because of the complexity and connectivity of the geomorphic processes involved. This study focuses on the quantification of sheetExpand
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Extreme pointer years in tree-ring records of Central Spain as evidence of climatic events and the eruption of the Huaynaputina Volcano (Peru, 1600 AD)
The study of pointer years of numerous tree-ring chronologies of the central Iberian Peninsula (Sierra de Guadarrama) could provide complementary information about climate variability over the lastExpand
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Summer rainfall variability in European Mediterranean mountains from the sixteenth to the twentieth century reconstructed from tree rings
Since the end of the last glacial period, European Mediterranean mountains have provided shelter for numerous species of Eurosiberian and Boreal origin. Many of these species, surviving at theExpand
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