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Mutations in the gene for the red/far-red light receptor phytochrome B alter cell elongation and physiological responses throughout Arabidopsis development.
It is reported here that previously described hy3 mutants have mutations in the gene coding for phytochrome B (PhyB), the first mutations shown to lie in a plant photoreceptor gene. Expand
Action spectra for phytochrome A- and B-specific photoinduction of seed germination in Arabidopsis thaliana.
It is clearly demonstrated that PhyA photoirreversibly triggers the germination upon irradiations with ultraviolet, visible and far-red light of very low fluence, while PhyB controls the photoreversible effects of lowfluence. Expand
Three redundant brassinosteroid early response genes encode putative bHLH transcription factors required for normal growth.
Comparison of the phenotypes of plants that overexpress BEE1 with bee1 bee2 bee3 triple-knockout mutant plants suggests that BEE 1, BEE2, and BEE3 are functionally redundant positive regulators of BR signaling. Expand
The Induction of Seed Germination in Arabidopsis thaliana Is Regulated Principally by Phytochrome B and Secondarily by Phytochrome A
We examined whether spectrally active phytochrome A (PhyA) and phytochrome B (PhyB) play specific roles in the induction of seed germination in Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh., using PhyA- andExpand
A complex and mobile structure forms a distinct subregion within the continuous vacuolar membrane in young cotyledons of Arabidopsis.
The results suggest that bulbs define a subregion in the continuous vacuolar membrane, where some proteins are concentrated and others segregated, and are named 'bulbs'. Expand
The Novel MYB Protein EARLY-PHYTOCHROME-RESPONSIVE1 Is a Component of a Slave Circadian Oscillator in Arabidopsis Article, publication date, and citation information can be found at
It is proposed that EPR1 is a component of a slave oscillator that contributes to the refinement of output pathways, ultimately mediating the correct oscillatory behavior of target genes. Expand
Glutathione and a UV Light–Induced Glutathione S-Transferase Are Involved in Signaling to Chalcone Synthase in Cell Cultures
The data indicate the involvement of glutathione and PcGST1 in early events of a UV light–dependent signal transduction pathway to CHS, and the oxidative status of a cell acts as a central regulating element. Expand
OsARF1, an auxin response factor from rice, is auxin-regulated and classifies as a primary auxin responsive gene
OsARF1, a rice homologue of the auxin response factor (ARF) family of transcriptional regulators, is the first ARF that classifies as an early auxin-responsive gene. Expand
Elementary processes of photoperception by phytochrome A for high-irradiance response of hypocotyl elongation in Arabidopsis.
The results indicate that neither red-absorbing phytochrome synthesized in darkness nor photoconverted Pfr are physiologically active, and that a short-lived signal is induced during photoconversion from Pfr to red- absorbing phy tochrome. Expand