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Source times and scaling relations of large earthquakes
Source time is a kinematic fault parameter corresponding to the duration of seismic source time functions and is accurately determined from phase spectra of long-period surface waves. Source timesExpand
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Asymmetrical distribution of rayed craters on the Moon
The synchronous rotation of the satellite ought to cause a spatial variation in the cratering rate over its surface. The crater density is expected to be maximum at the apex of the orbital motion andExpand
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A theory of spectral analysis based on the characteristic property of a linear dynamic system
SUMMARY present a detailed description of a new method of spectral analysis named ‘Sompi’. The basic idea of this method originates in the physical concept of the characteristic property of theExpand
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The 1998 Miyako fireball’s trajectory determined from shock wave records of a dense seismic array
A high velocity passage of a meteoroid through the atmosphere generates a shock wave with a conical front. When the shock front arrives at the surface, it causes high frequency ground motions thatExpand
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Stress drops, wave spectra and recurrence intervals of great earthquakes — implications of the Etorofu earthquake of 1958 November 6
Summary. The great Etorofu earthquake of 1958 November 6 is characterized by a relatively small aftershock area (70 × 150 km2) and an extremely large felt area. The felt area is more extensive thanExpand
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Mechanism of large earthquakes along the eastern margin of the Japan sea
Abstract The source mechanisms of large earthquakes occurring along the eastern margin of the Japan Sea are investigated. The earthquakes studied are those off Oga (May 7, 1964), Sakhalin (Sep. 5,Expand
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Foreshocks and multiple shocks of large earthquakes
Abstract The rupture process of the Tokachi-Oki earthquake (May 16, 1968) and that of the Kurile Islands earthquake (August 11, 1969) were investigated primarily on the basis of the long-periodExpand
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Initial rupture process of microearthquakes recorded by high sampling borehole seismographs at the Nojima fault, central Japan
Abstract We analyze high sampling waveforms of the initial part of P-wave recorded at the 1800-m-deep borehole seismographs at the Nojima fault from December 1999 to May 2000 to clarify the initialExpand
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An extensive gravity survey was carried out from 1978 through 1980 in the area of the Central Ranges (Japan Alps), Honshu, which consist of the three largest mountain ranges in Japan (Hida, Akaishi,Expand
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