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The anthelmintic effect of plant extracts on Haemonchus contortus and Strongyloides venezuelensis.
The indiscriminate use of anthelmintics has resulted in the establishment of parasite resistance. Thus, this study aimed to evaluate the in vitro antiparasitic effect of plant extracts on HaemonchusExpand
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Towards the specification of consecutive steps in macromolecular lignin assembly.
When Pinus taeda cell suspension cultures are exposed to 8% sucrose solution, the cells undergo significant intracellular disruption, irregular wall thickening/lignification with concomitantExpand
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Analysis of camphorquinone in composite resins as a function of shade.
OBJECTIVE To identify and quantify the camphorquinone (CQ) used in different brands of composite resins as a function of the shade analyzed. MATERIALS AND METHODS Filtek Z250 A3 (FZA3), FiltekExpand
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In vitro efficacy of plant extracts and synthesized substances on Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) Microplus (Acari: Ixodidae)
Herbal drugs have been widely evaluated as an alternative method of parasite control, aiming to slow development of resistance and obtain low-cost biodegradable parasiticides. This study evaluatedExpand
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Antiproliferative activity of pristimerin isolated from Maytenus ilicifolia (Celastraceae) in human HL-60 cells.
Pristimerin has been shown to be cytotoxic to several cancer cell lines. In the present work, the cytotoxicity of pristimerin was evaluated in human tumor cell lines and in human peripheral bloodExpand
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Composition and antifungal activity of essential oils from Piper aduncum, Piper arboreum and Piper tuberculatum
The composition of essential oils from leaves, stems and fruits of Piper aduncum, P. arboreum and P. tuberculatum was examined by means of GC-MS and antifungal assay. There was a predominance ofExpand
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Acetylated DNA-damaging clerodane diterpenes from Casearia sylvestris.
In addition to the known diterpene casearin G (1), two new clerodane diterpene casearins type, casearin S (2) and casearin T (3), were isolated from an acetylated bioactive CH(2)Cl(2)/MeOH extractExpand
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Substâncias húmicas de turfa: estudo dos parâmetros que influenciam no processo de extração alcalina
This study reports the parameters which influence on extraction of humic substances (HS) from peat. The yield, organic and inorganic contend, E4/E6 ratio and elemental composition (C,H,N) of theExpand
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Antifungal amide from leaves of Piper hispidum.
Bioactivity-guided fractionation of a CH2Cl2 extract from leaves of Piper hispidum (Piperaceae) yielded a new pyrrolidine amide, N-[7-(3',4'-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2(Z),4(Z)-heptadienoyl] pyrrolidineExpand
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Further bioactive piperidine alkaloids from the flowers and green fruits of Cassia spectabilis.
The flowers of Cassia spectabilis yielded three new piperidine alkaloids, (-)-3-O-acetylspectaline (1), (-)-7-hydroxyspectaline (2), and iso-6-spectaline (3), together with the known (-)-spectalineExpand
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