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Their Highest Potential: An African American School Community in the Segregated South@@@Growing up African American in Catholic Schools
African American schools in the segregated South faced enormous obstacles in educating their students. But some of these schools succeeded in providing nurturing educational environments in spite ofExpand
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African American Teachers in the South, 1890-1940: Powerlessness and the Ironies of Expectations and Protest.
In an earlier study, an examination of the educational content of the African American monthly press between 1900 and 1930, 1 was surprised to find meager commentary on issues related to blackExpand
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The Displacement of Black Educators Post-Brown: An Overview and Analysis
  • M. Fultz
  • Political Science
  • History of Education Quarterly
  • 1 March 2004
In 1951 three brief commentaries in the Journal of Negro Education drew public attention to the potentially tenuous job security of African-American educators in the South, Black professionals whoseExpand
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Historical Perspectives on African American Males as Subjects of Education Policy
The intent of this article is to frame the contemporary policy prescriptions concerning the plight and prospects of African American males in historical perspective. The authors argue that theExpand
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Teacher Training and African American Education in the South, 1900-1940.
The colored school is run and governed by the town council. They are to furnish the school, but do little. We have a very small house with seven windows and one door. The furniture, 1 table, 2Expand
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African American Teachers in the South, 1890–1940
  • M. Fultz
  • Political Science, Psychology
  • Schools
  • 1 September 2020
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"The Morning Cometh": African-American Periodicals, Education, and the Black Middle Class, 1900-1930
  • M. Fultz
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Negro History
  • 22 June 1995
It is not known whether J. Max Barber, editor and guiding spirit of the Voice of the Negro, ever read "Shall the Wheels of Race Agitation Be Stopped?" an article written by John Mitchell, Jr., andExpand
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Black Public Libraries in the South in the Era of De Jure Segregation
The intent of this article is to present an overview and analysis of the development of public libraries for African Americans in the South during the era of de jure segregation and through the civilExpand
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