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IgG4-positive plasma cells in inflammatory pseudotumor (plasma cell granuloma) of the lung.
The association between IgG4 dysregulation and inflammatory pseudotumor (IPT) was first reported in sclerosing pancreatitis. Recently, we described IPTs of the liver and breast, into both of whichExpand
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Importance of atopic cough, cough variant asthma and sinobronchial syndrome as causes of chronic cough in the Hokuriku area of Japan
Objective:  A prospective multicentre study was conducted to elucidate the causes of chronic cough in Japan.
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Comparison of atopic cough with cough variant asthma: is atopic cough a precursor of asthma?
Background: We have described a group of patients who present with isolated chronic bronchodilator resistant non-productive cough with an atopic constitution, eosinophilic tracheobronchitis, andExpand
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The Japanese Respiratory Society guidelines for management of cough.
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Female gender as a determinant of cough threshold to inhaled capsaicin.
Chronic, nonproductive cough and cough associated with the use of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, are more frequently observed in females as compared to males. To examine the influence ofExpand
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Distributions of Endometrial NK Cells, B Cells, T Cells, and Th2/Tc2 Cells Fail to Predict Pregnancy Outcome Following Recurrent Abortion
PROBLEM: To evaluate the ability of immunophenotypes of endometrial leukocytes from patients with histories of recurrent abortion to predict outcome of subsequent pregnancy.
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Characterization of increased cough sensitivity after antigen challenge in guinea pigs
Increased sensitivity of cough reflex is a fundamental feature of bronchodilator resistant non‐productive cough associated with eosinophilic tracheobronchitis. Our hypothesis is that coughExpand
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MR‐guided microwave thermocoagulation therapy of liver tumors: Initial clinical experiences using a 0.5 T open MR system
To utilize a microwave coagulator for MR‐guided interstitial thermal therapy of liver tumors as a clinically feasible heating device.
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EGFR Mutation of Tumor and Serum in Gefitinib-Treated Patients with Chemotherapy-Naive Non–small Cell Lung Cancer
Background: The authors evaluate the efficacy and safety of gefitinib monotherapy in chemotherapy-naive patients with advanced non–small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). A secondary endpoint is to evaluateExpand
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Nonspecific interstitial pneumonia with abundant IgG4-positive cells infiltration, which was thought as pulmonary involvement of IgG4-related autoimmune disease.
Recently, great attention has been drawn to IgG4-related diseases such as autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) sclerosing sialadenitis, retroperitoneum fibrosis, sclerosing cholangitis. IgG4-relatedExpand
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