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Intrinsic gamma aminobutyric acid receptors modulate the release of catecholamine from canine adrenal gland in situ.
It is shown that GABA modulates the spontaneous release of catecholamines and the release elicited by electrical stimulation of the splanchnic nerve, and denervation of the adrenal glands failed to prevent the THIP-elicited release ofcatecholamine. Expand
Protective Effect of Endothelin Type A Receptor Antagonist on Brain Edema and Injury After Transient Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion in Rats
The data demonstrate that infusion with S-0139, an ETA antagonist, results in significant reduction of brain injury and plasma extravasation after transient MCAO, suggesting ETs may contribute to cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury at least partly by increasing the BBB permeability via ETAs. Expand
Functions of MAPR (membrane-associated progesterone receptor) family members as heme/steroid-binding proteins.
The identification, structure, and bioactivity of members of the MAPR family are summarized, and an essential overview of the current understanding of their physiological roles is presented. Expand
Neuferricin, a novel extracellular heme‐binding protein, promotes neurogenesis
J. Neurochem. (2010) 112, 1156–1167.
Diazepam-binding inhibitor: a neuropeptide located in selected neuronal populations of rat brain.
An endogenous polypeptide of rat brain has been identified that is capable of displacing 1,4-benzodiazepines and the esters of the 3-carboxylic acid derivatives of beta-carbolines from their specificExpand
Neurotrophic factor-like effect of FPF1070 on septal cholinergic neurons after transections of fimbria-fornix in the rat brain.
The results indicated that FPF1070 prevents the degeneration and atrophy of impaired cholinergic neurons by systemic administration. Expand
Neurotrophic Activity of Neudesin, a Novel Extracellular Heme-binding Protein, Is Dependent on the Binding of Heme to Its Cytochrome b5-like Heme/Steroid-binding Domain*
It is reported that neudesin is an extracellular heme-binding protein and that its neurotrophic activity is dependent on the binding of heme to its cytochrome b5-like heme/steroid-binding domain. Expand
Effect of gamma-aminobutyric acidA receptor agonists and antagonists on the release of enkephalin-containing peptides from dog adrenal gland.
Data suggest that direct stimulation of GABAA receptors causes depolarization of chromaffin cell membranes by a burst of Cl- channel opening and triggers neurotransmitter release. Expand
Neuropeptide Y stimulates DNA synthesis in vascular smooth muscle cells
NPY may induce Ca2+ mobilization and stimulation of DNA synthesis in vascular smooth muscle cells via Y1 receptors whose signal transduction system involves pertussis toxin-sensitive GTP-binding protein(s). Expand
Effects of endothelin B receptor agonists on amyloid β protein (25–35)-induced neuronal cell death
ET(B) receptor agonists exhibit a protective effect against neurotoxicity of Abeta, and appear to act as anti-apoptotic factors by blocking of L-VSCCs. Expand