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The synthesis of possible polyene intermediates in phytosterol biosynthesis
Abstract The previously unknown steroids 5, 22, 24(28)-ergostatriene-3β-yl-acetate, 5, 22, 24-ergostatriene-3β-yl acetate, 5, 7, 22, 24-ergostatetrene-3β-yl-acetate, and 4, 22,Expand
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Synthesis of a novel C26 marine sterol
The synthesis of 22-trans-26,27-bisnor-ergosta-5,22-dien-3β-ol by an unequivocal route establishes this as the sterol isolated from several Pelecypoda by Idler and his co-workers.
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Studies in phytosterol biosynthesis : the synthesis of possible polyene intermediates. --
The previously unknown steroids 38-acetoxy-24-methylene AS, 22, 24(28) -cholestatriene, 36-acetoxy-AS, 22, 24(28) stigmastatriene, 36-acetoxy-24-methyl-AS, 22, 24-cholestatriene and 3B-acetoxy-AS, 7,Expand
A color photographic material
The convers ion of l a n o s t e r o l t o e r ~ o c t c r o l i n t h e y e a s t Saccharomyces c e r e v i s i a e and of f e c o s t e r o l t o ergosta-7 ,22-dien36-01 i n a n y s t a t i n r e sExpand
The light-sensitive color photographic recording material