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Clinical Features of Adult Coeliac Disease in Italy
Over a period of 18 years (1972/1989) we have diagnosed 226 cases of adult coeliac disease (CD), based on biopsy results. The female/male ratio is 2.4: 1 and the average age in years at the time ofExpand
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Residual activity evaluation: a benchmark between ANITA, FISPACT, FLUKA and PHITS codes
The activity of residual nuclides dictates the radiation fields in periodic inspections/repairs (maintenance periods) and dismantling operations (decommissioning phase) of accelerator facilities (i.eExpand
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Fusion plant material damage due to neutron irradiation: An assessment for ITER in-vessel components
This paper summarises and discusses the results of the material damage assessment for the in-vessel components of the International Tokamak Experimental Reactor (ITER), with reference to the baselineExpand
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Design optimization and performances of New Sorgentina Fusion Source (NSFS) supporting materials research
Abstract In the framework of fusion materials research, a neutron source has been considered a key installation to support EU plan toward DEMO reactor design. IFMIF facility being the presentExpand
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Cemented Containers Radiological Data From a Disused Uranium Mine Low-Level Waste Repository: A Calculated-Experiment Cross-Check for Data Verification and Validation
Code validation problems involve calculation of experiments and a comparison experiment-calculation. Experimental data and physical properties of these systems are used to determine the range ofExpand
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Anita-2000 activation code package: clearance assessment of ITER activated materials
To demonstrate fusion's environmental attractiveness over the entire life cycle, a waste analysis is mandatory. The clearance is recommended by IAEA for releasing activated solid materials fromExpand
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Nuclear assessment of the IFMIF-DONES lithium target system
Abstract In the framework of the Work Package Early Neutron Source (WPENS) of the EUROfusion Consortium, the engineering design of the IFMIF-DONES (International Fusion Material Irradiation FacilityExpand
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During the treatment campaigns, carried out in ITREC (Treatment and Remaking Fuel Elements Plant), near the Trisaia locality, Italy, liquid wastes of low and higher activity have been produced andExpand